‘Devoted’ Veterinarian, Middletown Resident, Dies Of COVID-19

NORTH BRANFORD, CT – Well-known and loved North Branford veterinarian Efren Osorio has died as a result of COVID-19, his colleagues at Veterinary Associates of North Branford shared on Facebook.

Osorio lived in Middletown.

He was 62 years old.

“It is with deep sadness that we tell you about the death of Dr. Efren Osorio from COVID-19,” says the social media post. “With this news we are filled with indescribable sadness and shock.”

Osorio said that “unlike any other person and veterinarian our staff has ever known,” his colleagues wrote that his “compassion and patience were second to none”.

Osorio, they said, “… was really the elixir of life of this practice and it will never be the same without him.”

“He was the best mentor, doctor, friend and veterinarian that any of us have ever known,” the Facebook post said.

The vet office is closed on Fridays.

“At this point, we ask you to respect the grief experienced by every employee here,” they wrote, adding that their colleagues “need time to grieve and deal with this tragedy.”

In their biography of Osorio on their website, the veterinary clinic noted that he graduated from Veterinary School in Mexico in 1982, “devoted his entire professional life to the veterinary field of small animal medicine” and “devoted himself to providing good medical care and feelings” Every client and patient is something very special. “

Osorio was married to his wife Katrina for 37 years, according to his biography. His colleagues wrote that she was “his best friend, business partner and ardent supporter during his amazing career”.

And they said she asked that instead of flowers, cards, or gifts of condolences, those who so requested “make a donation to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in his honor”.

“It is what he would have wanted,” wrote his colleague in the veterinary office. “We know that you all loved him so much and we know that this is a time of grief for you too. We will continue to take care of you all because Dr. Osorio would have wanted it to.”

The folks at Cosgrove also posted their pain of losing the respected veterinarian on Facebook.

“Dr. Osorio has long been a staple of our community and such an amazing person and veterinarian,” the post reads. “We are so sad that the world has lost such an animal advocate. We are grateful for the years of service that Dr. Osorio has provided to the many animals he has helped and the people he has influenced. It is going to be great be missed.”

It is with deep sadness that we tell you about the death of Dr. Efren Osorio from COVID -19. We are full of sadness and …
Posted by Veterinary Associates Of North Branford on Thursday Jan 21st 2021

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