Devastated French bulldog puppy owner says her pet dog choked to death after eating biscuit in Starbucks ‘puppuccino’

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A DOG owner claims her French Bulldog puppy choked to death – after Starbucks employees put a dog biscuit in their puppuccino.

Megan Harrison said she was “heartbroken” at Bonnie’s death and “absolutely disgusted” by Starbucks’ response to the alleged tragedy.


Dog lover Megan is devastatedPhoto credit: Kennedy News
Megan said it was the first time the drinks had included a biscuit


Megan said it was the first time the drinks had included a biscuitPhoto credit: Kennedy News

A “puppuccino” is a dog-friendly, creamy drink that dog owners can request from Starbucks, but it is not an official menu item.

Megan, 24, said she visited Starbucks at Festival Park, Stoke on Trent, in September and bought the creamy dog ​​treats to take home for her three pooches – but the staff topped them off with bonio cookies.

Shortly after the 18-week-old Bonnie puppy finished with hers, she was found dead, Megan said.

Although Megan’s fiancé reportedly spent ten minutes desperately trying to remove the cookie and perform resuscitation measures, there was “nothing they could do” to save her.

The 24-year-old now speaks out about her ordeal to warn dog owners that their employees are not allowed to put cookies on puppuccinos.

She said owners should remove the snack or break it into small pieces to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Starbucks said they were “really upset” when they heard of Megan’s loss and stated that puppuccinos are not an official item on the Starbucks UK menu.

The chain admitted that dog biscuits are not normally provided, but claimed their staff asked Megan if her dog had one on that occasion since they knew her, and it was placed on top of the puppuccino.

Bonio maker Purina said pet health and wellbeing are their “top priority” and that they don’t deliver dog biscuits to restaurants and cafes.

Megan of Crewe, Cheshire East said, “It’s so heartbreaking, I’ll never really get over it.

“She was just so funny and adorable and had a really big personality.

“I had to hand-raise her myself when she was born again. She looked like mom to me, I did everything for her.

“She has eaten the puppuccinos before. I only went to Starbucks with Bonnie and it used to be a thing she and me used to do as a treat.

“This was the first time that a cookie was included.

“It’s so heartbreaking”

“I didn’t watch her every second because she had it before and it was never a problem, but on previous occasions there was never a cookie in it.”

Megan says Bonnie was in the kitchen when she destroyed the icing in the open living room.

Megan said, “She had the puppuccino, ate the cookie, went and drank the water and then lay down in her bed and obviously she died in the process, she choked, but it was still.

“I just fell to the floor when I saw her. I did not know, what I should do.

“Her tongue was out and her eyes were open, I knew she was gone.”

She said her partner stuck her fingers down the dog’s throat to try to get the cookie out.

Megan said, “We managed to pull out that large piece of biscuit, it was bitten in half, but it was still stuck in her throat.

“It was covered in slime, disease, blood, cream, and water.

“We tried to do CPR. We did everything we could for her, but there was nothing we could really do.”

Megan said she called the ambulance and also gave Bonnie’s mother Bell and her brother Billie an opportunity to say goodbye to her.


After Megan made the heartbreaking calls, she contacted Starbucks to let them know what had happened.

Megan said, “I’ve spoken to Starbucks and to be honest, I’m absolutely disgusted with them.

“It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’m really sorry that happened’, it felt more like, ‘I’m really sorry, but what can we do to get you back in business?’

“That’s all that seemed to bother you and it made me so angry.”

The devastated Megan said she was offered a £ 250 gift card to spend in the store but does not feel sincerely apologized.

Megan is now urging the chain to put Puppucinos on the menu so employees and customers know exactly what’s in them – and claims she is now super vigilant when her dogs have treats.

A Starbucks spokesperson said, “Our partners (employees) are really dismayed at the loss of the customer, the customer and her dogs are known and loved in our business.

“Puppuccinos are not an official item on the Starbucks UK menu. When customers request the item, we have a policy that gets every moment right and we offer it for free.”

A Purina spokesman said, “We would like to express our condolences to the owners of the puppy.

“We know the loss of a pet is heartbreaking in all circumstances and the health and wellbeing of pets is our top priority.

“We don’t deliver dog biscuits to restaurants and cafes, and we wouldn’t recommend serving pet treats in such a way that owners cannot see the feeding guidelines on the package.

“These instructions indicate to the owner whether a snack is safe and appropriate for their individual pet.”

Megan said little Bonny was her


Megan said little Bonny looked at her “like a mother”Photo credit: Kennedy News
Megan claimed the little puppy choked on a dog biscuit


Megan claimed the little puppy choked on a dog biscuitPhoto credit: Kennedy News
She claimed her dog choked on the biscuit - which is usually not in the drink


She claimed her dog choked on the biscuit – which is usually not in the drinkPhoto credit: Kennedy News
Little Bonnie was just 18 weeks old when she died


Little Bonnie was just 18 weeks old when she diedPhoto credit: Kennedy News

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