Deserted canine with fur so matted he may barely stroll or see rescued by Leeds RSPCA

Poor Frankie the Terrier Cross was found in such bad shape that he could barely walk or see.Poor Frankie the Terrier Cross was found in such poor condition that he could barely walk or see.

Frankie the Terrier Cross was in such poor condition when found abandoned last August that he could barely walk or see before being rescued by the RSPCA.

Animal welfare workers gave the pooch a much-needed haircut and groom, while also providing urgent medical care for various illnesses to bring him back to health.

Miraculously, Frankie made a full recovery and was put up for adoption. He was picked up by dog ​​lover Tracey Williamson who said it was “love at first sight”.

He is not happy and is thriving with his new family.

She added, “My heart melted when I saw his photo. He looked like our late dog and we fell totally in love with him.

“We submitted an application and crossed our fingers, but didn’t raise much hope as we knew the interest in rescue dogs was during the lockdown.”

However, Tracey and her family were asked to meet Frankie and had such a great time together that they were brought together a short time later.

Tracey said, “We were so excited when we were selected to adopt him.

“He has settled in very well. He can be a little nervous about new things, but he really grows in confidence.

“When we first got him he was quite worried on the leash and on the go, but now he absolutely loves his walks.”

According to the RSPCA, Frankie was found abandoned on Sowerby Bridge with another dog named Benny in August 2020.

The two were rescued by the animal welfare organization and taken to their branches in Leeds and Wakefield for urgent treatment prior to their adoption.

Tracey said, “It’s such a big change from the matted little dog that arrived at the RSPCA center in such a condition.

“It breaks our hearts to think about how he was treated before and we hope that in time he will forget his past.

“Now he is very pampered and loves to be pampered a little.

“He goes to the groomer regularly and enjoys the excitement and attention he gets. He’s a little star when he has a haircut.”

She added, “He’s such a lovable dog, he’s so loving, and we couldn’t imagine our life without him.”

The family is still helping to build the little dog’s confidence and is working with a trainer to improve his reactivity with other dogs.

They have also started introducing him to toys and teaching him to play.

Tracey said, “I don’t think anyone has ever played with him because he doesn’t really understand what toys are.

“But we’ll try to introduce him to games and teach him how to have fun

“He brought us so much joy and love, especially during the lockdown, so we are determined to do the same for him.”

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