Demi Lovato Dyed Her Canine’s Fur To Rejoice LGBTQ+ Pleasure Month

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Cinderella is ready for the ball: Demi Lovato’s dog, aka Ella, recently got a rainbow fur makeover in honor of LGBTQ + Pride Month, proving that a little solemn self-care isn’t just for people. “She’s ready for Pride,” Lovato said in a series of Instagram stories on Friday June 11th thanking Dogue Spa founder Josh White for Ella’s “beautiful new doing.” The singer, who titled a slide titled “OBSESSED !!!”, also joked that her furry friend “owns” the new look, despite pretending to be “shy” and “humble”. (Don’t worry, Dogue Spa uses vegan, cruelty-free, semi-permanent animal dyes / shampoos that are safe for puppies.)

Lovato first introduced her “new baby” (and Yorkiepoo Batman’s little sister) Ella to fans in 2017, and the pups have had several beauty changes since then, some more colorful than others. For example, to celebrate her second birthday in 2019, Ella wore pink ears, and last year she even wore an upside-down pair of Lovato’s fake eyelashes. The pooch was also on the receiving end of the less than outstanding “quarantine cuts” of its Grammy-nominated owner last year. Now, however, she’s a bright showstopper.

After Lovato recently came out as non-binary and announced that it would identify as pansexual, Lovato has also taken a more serious approach to celebrating Pride Month this year. In addition to accompanying artists like Lil Nas X, Ricky Martin and Pink at the LGBTQ + virtual benefit concert “Can’t Cancel Pride”, the singer of “Confident” has shared several resources on social media. “Clinical mental health concerns exist in all communities,” Lovato captioned a series of Mental Health Coalition infographics on June 11 that “highlight the difficulties disproportionately affecting people in the LGBTQ + community” to identify when / where support can be helpful. “

In Lovato’s first podcast episode on May 19, the musician stated that her decision to come out was the result of more than a year of “healing and self-reflection”. Switching to the pronouns of them / hers and subscribing to a non-binary label “best represents” the fluidity they feel in their gender expression, Lovato added, explaining that they are “still learning and getting into me” and not “Claim to be an expert or” spokesperson “for the community.

Despite all the work still to be done, Ella’s Rainbow Pride ‘do proves that June is also a time to celebrate.