Delicate to Cat Allergens? Take The LiveClear Problem with Purina Professional Plan and Mayim Bialik

One in five adults is sensitive to cat allergens. While many people think cat hair is the problem, it is actually what it says – a protein called Fel d 1 that cats produce in their saliva. When cats groom, Fel d 1 enters the environment through saliva on hair and skin and through dandruff. When cats eat Pro Plan LiveClear, the main ingredient – a specific protein found in eggs – binds to Fel d 1 and safely neutralizes it in the cats’ mouths. By reducing the active allergen in saliva, it reduces the allergen that is transferred to hair and flakes of skin during care, ultimately reducing the allergen in the environment.

“As a neuroscientist and all-round science nerd, I appreciate the decade of research that went into developing Pro Plan LiveClear and what it means to cat lovers like me,” said Bialik. “Some people around me are sensitive to cat allergens, including my friend, and while I am already taking many steps to manage allergens in my home, it’s often not enough. I’m taking the LiveClear challenge with my three cats, hopefully with that I love to feel more comfortable in my home and to get closer to my cats. “

Current methods of dealing with cat allergens can affect relationships between cats and their owners, as owners are often instructed to limit the time or activities with the cat, isolate the cat indoors, or even move the cat out of the house altogether remove. Other methods, such as intensive cleaning, are used to manage the allergen after it is released into the environment.

“With Pro Plan LiveClear, the allergen is neutralized at its source in the cat’s mouth, “ said Bialik. “It’s a pretty ingenious way of addressing this problem, and one that can help cats and cat owners alike.”

While Pro Plan LiveClear is not intended to replace any other allergen treatment method, it can add one more measure to reduce allergen exposure in cat-owned households.

Pro Plan LiveClear is available from pet stores and online stores in six formulas including Adult Chicken & Rice, Adult Salmon & Rice, Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Turkey & Oatmeal, and the latest Adult Weight Management, Adult Indoor and Adult 7 formulas + Prime Plus.

To learn more about Pro Plan LiveClear or to register for the LiveClear Challenge and save $ 8, Visit and discover the freedom you – and your cat – could have around this time next month.

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