Decatur’s World War II Veterinarian in Final Mission | Top Story

Decatur, Illinois (WAND) – Seven World War II veterans flew over Decatur Airport on their final mission in the 1990s.

Operation Freedom in September is the largest barnstorming event in US history, the first and only in honor of the men and women who served during the war that saved the world as we know it. Dream flight trip.

A dream flight allows WWII veterans to visit more than 300 cities in one of six restored Stearman biplanes for 61 flying days in August and September. I can do it. September 1945 marks the 76th anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the USS Missouri.

“Thank you and honor the freedom you have given us,” Dreamflight founder Darryl Fisher told WAND News. “This is the final nationwide mission for WWII veterans.”

The organizers hope to fly more than 1,000 WWII veterans by September 30th.

Decatur’s WWII veterinarian in last mission | Top story

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