Days of Our Lives Recap: MarDevil Turns Susan Into a Cat

When Paulina gets too upset about Abe in the hospital, he asks what is wrong with her. She says she is concerned about his health and suggests postponing the wedding. Abe insists he’s fine. She flashes to “Marlena” and advises her to admit the truth about being Lani’s mother. Abe points out that he almost died. It reminded him not to take a minute for granted. So next week he wants to get up before God, their families and friends, and marry them. There’s nothing stopping him from doing that unless she doesn’t want to. Paulina wants that more than anything else in the world. However, she has an errand to run right now.

Lani and Theo are sitting together in the lobby. Lani worries how Chanel feels that she is Paulina’s matron of honor. They also discuss how happy they are to be brother and sister. Nothing can change that. They embrace when a guilty-looking Paulina walks up to them.

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Chanel meets with Johnny outside of Sweet Bits. He gives her a wig for her Celeste character and a stack of tarot cards. Chanel flinches. Johnny says she has to believe in it, just like Celeste.

Chanel and Johnny run lines with the wig. Theo joins them and says with a smile: “Grandma? Is that you? “Chanel’s mouth is open. He has heard from Chad that she is playing his grandmother and offers to help with her Creole accent. Theo then asks Chanel to speak to Lani, who feels strange about Paulina’s honorary matron be.

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Chanel wears a short blonde wig and her mouth is open at Days of Our Lives

Chanel shows up at the hospital and assures Lani that she is fine, that she is Paulina’s matron of honor. Lani tells how serious Paulina was when she came into the apartment to ask her to stand up for her, but Eli cut her off with the news that Abe had been shot. Chanel flashes Paulina, saying that she only asked for distraction after Abe was shot. Lani asks how Chanel feels about it. Chanel succinctly says it’s Paulina’s day. It’s obvious what her mom wants and it’s all about making her happy.

At home, Ben and Ciara try to find out who could harm their child. When Ben comforts his wife, Shawn and Belle knock on the door. You are there to congratulate them on the baby but discover that something is going on with Ciara. She tells them about Susan’s visit. Belle is enraged that she would scare a pregnant woman, but Ben defends Susan’s visions. He says Susan passed out when she touched Ciara’s stomach, so he went to Marlena for help. Belle thinks if anyone can get Susan to see her senses, it’s her mother.

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Johnny smiles as he sits at a Horton Square table from Theo in Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara bring out beer and wine for a toast, Ciara assures her brother that they can deal with Susan in their own way. Shawn is happy to let off steam. When Ciara expresses her jubilation, but also her fear of being a mother, Belle recommends a book. After the Westons leave to get it, Belle suggests that she and Shawn visit Marlena to see what’s wrong with Susan.

As Theo and Johnny are sitting at a table in the square, he sees Ben and Ciara walking through. They make uncomfortable jokes until Theo sees Ciara’s pregnancy book. He winks and says, “Are you going to have a baby?”

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Ciara and Ben face Theo in Horton Square for Days of Our Lives

In John’s and Marlena’s living room, MarDevil grabs Susan’s arm. Susan shivers and says, “You are the one who’s after the baby.” “Marlena” lets her go and calls her claim ridiculous. Susan knows that she is not Marlena, but the devil incarnate. MarDevil glares at Susan with her yellow eyes and says, “You’re right.” MarDevil warns that she will unleash the full potential of her powers and there is nothing Susan or anyone can do to stop her. Susan crouches. She tries to escape, but the door won’t open. Susan pulls a cross out of her pocket and holds it out to MarDevil, who mocks. MarDevil grabs the cross and hits Susan’s head with it.

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MarDevil scowls while holding a black cat in Days of Our Lives

Susan passed out on the floor behind the couch when Paulina knocked on the door. “Marlena” invites you. Paulina explains that she cannot confess her secret. She can’t do that to Abe or Lani. When “Marlena” tries to convince her that it is for the best, Paulina hears Susan groan. Paulina follows the noise and goes behind the couch. She says, “Oh my god.” “Marlena” joins her and picks up a black cat named Susan. “Marlena” says she is not feeling well and may need to put her to sleep. Paulina leaves after “Marlena” promises not to reveal her secret to anyone.

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Paulina holds up a finger

With the cat alone, MarDevil says, it’s easier to keep Susan in that shape. MarDevil picks you up to take you away. When “Marlena” opens the door, Shawn and Belle are there. They say they are looking for Susan. “Marlena” says she is taking this stray cat to the shelter and strolls away. Belle and Shawn look confused.

Paulina returns to the hospital and sees Chanel storming off.

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