Darkansas cognitive dissonance I: Medicine for animal worms

Darkansas Cognitive Dissonance I: Medicine Against Animal Worms – Arkansas Times


9:05 a.m.

A two-part series about our state in times of a pandemic. First wormer for large farm animals:

Arkansans poison themselves with ivermectin https://t.co/p43DMceKsg

– 4029news (@ 4029news) August 25, 2021

And then:

Washington County, Arkansas Sheriff Tim Helder has confirmed that the internment camp’s medical supervisor has prescribed ivermectin to inmates for Covid-19.
The provider is calling for a contract increase of 10% for 2022. #arpx #arnews https://t.co/TB4Deb5jNw

– Evelyn Rios Stafford (@everiosstafford) August 25, 2021

Stafford, a member of the Washington County Quorum Court, and another member of the court’s minority caucus, Eva Madison, began whistling that night last night.

Yes, I know that people who take dewormers for large animals are the biggest problem. However, the medical consensus is that while human-grade ivermectin is a miracle cure for some parasites, it has not been shown to be of value against COVID-19. Don’t tell the Darkansas Legislature. Experimenting with prison inmates? Yes, really.

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