Danetoberfest in downtown Pensacola is dog-friendly festival Oct. 2

The lovable, gentle giants of Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue (NWFLGDR) are back to take to Seville Square in downtown Pensacola for the fifth annual Danetoberfest celebration and fundraiser on October 2nd.

This year’s motto of the Danetoberfest is “Size Matters”. Around two dozen adoptable Great Danes will be on site from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to greet festival visitors – and in return they will be happy to receive treats and affection (tip tip). Additionally, there will be plenty of Great Danes from NWFLGDR alumni in attendance, so be prepared for lots of drooling.

The aim of this event is to draw attention to the many incredible Danes currently available for adoption as part of the rescue. Emphasize the importance of spaying and neutering pets; to raise awareness of the benefits of adoption and advancement in your community; and to help raise $ 10,000 for the rescue that will be used for veterinary bills, medical supplies, groceries, and general care expenses.

“There are a staggering number of Great Danes that have been in distress locally and regionally due to overbreeding. In August of this year alone, we accepted 30 Danes, more than double the average monthly intake, and we always have more than half a dozen on a waiting list, ”said Michelle Cramer, President of NWFLGDR. “We just can’t keep up with admission needs, there aren’t enough caregivers. We cannot save ourselves from this overpopulation problem. We therefore hope that this event will help to raise awareness of the plight of our rescue and the importance of castration / castration and adoption. “

At this year’s event, nearly two dozen vendors will be selling all kinds of handicrafts – from drawings and paintings, to bespoke collars and dog beds, to baked goods for people and pets, to colorful candles and soaps.

The lovable Danes from Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue are back and have taken over Seville Square in downtown Pensacola during the DaneToberfest celebration and fundraiser on Saturday October 12, 2019.  The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the many incredible Danes who are within the rescue and to raise funds for the rescue that will be used for veterinary bills, medical care, groceries and general care expenses.

There will be four local grocery vendors: Guadalupe Taco Shop, which sells tacos, burritos, and quesadillas; Mowaffles, which sell cheeseburgers, waffles, and desserts; Banana Bar Pensacola, which sells acai bowls and smoothies; and Kona Ice sells flavored ice cream treats.

NWFLGDR is giving away several grand prizes for USD 5 per ticket or six tickets for USD 20:

  • 2-night stay at the Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach Gulf Front Hotel (approximate value $ 1,000)
  • 3-day 4-bedroom waterfront vacation home in Perdido Bay (approximate value of $ 1,200 USD)
  • A handmade walnut dog rack and bed for a giant dog (approximate value of $ 1,000)

In addition to the grand prizes, more than 100 other items will be raffled throughout the day – including custom artwork, gift baskets, gift cards, and collectibles – all valued at more than $ 10,000.

NWFLGDR relies entirely on public donations to exist. The rescue operation spends between $ 400 and $ 1,000, and occasionally much more, to take care of every Great Dane that has taken it in. This includes medical treatments, nutrition, prevention and medication, microchip and castration / neutering surgery, but the amount is not taken into account. Every caregiver needs personal time and energy to nurse every Dane back to health and to get used to a caring environment.

“Come to the event, eat good food, buy tickets for the raffle, shop and be greeted personally by one of our gentle giants,” said Cramer. “Who knows? Maybe you will meet your new best friend!”

Danetoberfest 2021 is a dog-friendly event. Right, you can bring Fido with you! All dogs must be friendly and vaccinated. No retractable lines are allowed.