Dana Zimmel named dean of UF’s College of Veterinary Medicine – News

Dana Zimmel has been named Dean of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, effective immediately.

Dr. Zimmel has been performing this function on an interim basis after a national search since December 2019. Just a few months after her appointment, she had to lead the college through the most tumultuous times, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and life as we all knew it changed.

For the past year and a half, Dr. Zimmel and her leadership team worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of the college’s faculty, staff, and students, as well as the successful continuation of its research, teaching, and patient care missions. Their dedication and focus were evident during this difficult time.

Through regular town hall meetings and student forums, she has worked hard to promote both internal and external communication and transparency about the college’s missions and among its many stakeholders.

As the UF College of Veterinary Medicine approaches its next accreditation site visit in the fall of 2022 and the next US News & World Report Rankings are due to take place during the same period, we believe that Dr. Zimmer’s continued leadership now more than is needed ever and will position the college well for success.

Currently, the college ranks 9th among veterinary schools nationwide and has never stopped caring for animal patients or helping the referring veterinary community during the pandemic. Clinical faculties and staff worked non-stop to deliver the top-quality care that UF Veterinary Hospitals are known for. The Small Animal Hospital case number – currently number two among academic veterinary clinics in the US – has remained high due to the remarkable efforts and commitment of the clinical faculty to maintain an unchanged approach despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. In addition, in reference to UF’s reputation as a leader in animal patient care, the college received a $ 3 million gift from the Joanne W. Gauntt Foundation for a new linear accelerator to improve radio-oncological treatment of small animal cancer patients from around the world. East.

As a clinical professor in the College’s Large Animal Clinical Science department, in addition to her administrative role, Dr. Zimmel is a proud graduate of college in 1995. She joined the UF faculty in 2002, working first in expansion, then in major veterinary research, and later in leadership roles.

She became Chief of Staff of UF Veterinary Hospitals in 2010 when the position was created in line with UF Health’s strategic plan to focus on patient-centered care, and held that position until she was appointed Assistant Dean of Clinical Services in 2015.

Under her leadership, the number of hospital cases increased from 20,542 patients in fiscal 2011 to nearly 43,000 patients in fiscal 2020, with a further 7,794 animals being treated at the Ocala Veterinary Emergency Clinic. In 2012, Dr. Zimmel supported efforts to create UF PETS, which has grown into a hugely successful collaboration with veterinarians in the Marion County area.

The veterinary college, hospitals and clinics, which have nationally and internationally recognized academic programs as well as advanced research laboratories and facilities, are managed under the direction of Dr. Zimmel continues to thrive.

She is the seventh permanent dean of the university.

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