CUBEX LLC introduces CUBEX® Flex Bundle, a complete solution for controlled substance and pharmacy storage in veterinary medicine

“CUBEX has set itself the goal of creating a safe, effective and cost-effective complete solution for controlled substance management in combination with real pharmacy automation,” said Anton Visser, Co-Founder and CEO of CUBEX. “Pharmacy items such as preventive agents and liquids are easily overlooked on customer bills. The Flex Bundle ensures veterinarians have full control over both aspects of their medication and supply management.”

CUBEX® The small, modular footprint of the Flex Bundle enables quick and automated access to all operating elements and pharmacy items and at the same time ensures that fees are recorded. This new member of the CUBEX family of solutions can be fully integrated into common practice management software that is directly connected to CUBEX’s proprietary cloud-based software.

“We chose the CUBEX Flex Bundle to improve safety, compliance, accuracy and accountability for controlled substances and other drugs. This new system can do everything, ”said Jon Bertoldo, DVM, owner of the Animal Mansion Veterinary Hospital and one of the first CUBEX Flex Bundle customers worldwide. “It will greatly reduce my liability and limit the many hours it takes me to closely follow controlled substances.”

CUBEX Flex Bundle is now available through a simple monthly subscription. Visit to learn more or call 480-268-7955 to schedule a demo.

CUBEX® LLC is a leading provider of innovative healthcare automation and cloud-based business intelligence solutions that enable veterinary, dental and long-term care facilities to improve drug delivery, costs and patient outcomes while improving regulatory compliance. More information is available at

Media contact:
Joey Campagna (CUBEX LLC)
(480) 268-7955
[email protected]


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