Countryfile fans devastated over news of Adam Henson’s dog, Peg

Fans were devastated to hear that Adam Henson’s beloved four-legged friend Peg has been suffering from health issues, on Sunday’s episode of Countryfile.

Adam revealed his “concerns” about his dog’s health during the hour-long episode, saying Peg had not been “behaving like her normal self.”

As a result, he took Peg to the vet, where he received some sad news about his best friend’s future on the farm. Fans were quick to take to social media to express their heartbreak over the news.

Speaking about Peg’s condition while filming the BBC show, Adam said: “Over the last few months, I’ve just started getting a little bit concerned about Peg. When I’m out waking her or sometimes working the sheep as well, she looks up and it’s as if she can’t see me.

“And she can hear me, but she’ll sometimes just run in the wrong direction looking for me. I’m just worried about her eyesight, but she’s just not behaving like her normal self.”

Adam, who has also presented BBC Radio 4’s On Your Farm and Farming Today, added: “When it comes to working sheep, particularly for distance, that’s a major problem.”

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The 56-year-old, who was educated at an agricultural college in Devon, has been a host on Countryfile since 2001. During that time, he has always had Peg by his side.

The pair work together on Cotswold Farm Park which was founded by Adam’s father. The farm attracts over 70,000 visitors a year and hosts a flock of 350 ewe and rare breeds of cattle, sheep, pigs and horses.

Adam thinks Peg may have to take a step back from her duties on the farm given her age and deteriorating health. Talking about Peg’s future, Adam said: “I can’t imagine not having Peg by my side after all these years.”

The vet confirmed that Peg eyesight was in fact deteriorating and hinted at an early retirement.

Adam responded saying: “Oh dear, poor old Peg. But she’s had a lovely working life so she can just… retire and take things easy.”

Adam went on to reveal the extent of Peg’s health concerns by saying: “Well, for a dog of Peg’s age in her senior year, she’s pretty fit and healthy, really.

“But she definitely has got problems with her eyesight, mainly due to aging and also due to that slipped lens. So it looks like she might have to be eased into retirement. For me and needing a working dog on the farm, I’m going to have to go on the hunt.”

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