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The governor of West Virginia calls for a large-scale incentive: “If we throw away some money now, what then?”

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, a Republican, in comments to CNN on Monday, called for extensive economic relief legislation. The judicial remarks came after Senator Joe Manchin (D., WV) called for targeted economic relief to combat the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Manchin has turned down the idea of ​​sending $ 2,000 to all Americans making less than $ 75,000 a year, calling instead for infrastructure projects “to get people back to work”. However, on Monday, Governor Justice said he would not be overly concerned about the price of a new relief bill. “We have to understand that trying to be fiscally responsible at this point per se for what we’re up to in the country – if we actually throw away some money now, what then?” Justice told CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “We really have to move and look after people and bring people back into balance.” Harlow pointed out that Senator Manchin had asked for more targeted relief efforts, but Justice said he had not spoken to the Senator about negotiating the bill. “I’m not sure what that thinking might be there,” Justice said. “We have people who really hurt and that’s all that goes with it.” ** Republican ** Governor of West Virginia @WVGovernor to me on stimulus: “At this point I am trying to be fiscally responsible per se for what we intend to do in the country if we actually throw away some money now, so what?” he talked to @Sen_JoeManchin? I – Poppy Harlow (@PoppyHarlowCNN) Feb. 1, 2021 The judicial remarks come several hours before President Biden will meet ten Senate Republicans to find a compromise for to discuss the coronavirus. Senator Rob Portman (R., Ohio) told CNN that the compromise bill includes a more targeted $ 1,000 check relief for those earning $ 50,000 or less and would be less costly than the bill currently proposed by Democrats $ 1.9 trillion, while Democrats could try to get their proposal passed through a budget vote, a simple majority vote In order to allow for identification and exclude the possibility of a GOP filibuster, the party would have to vote all 50 of its senators for the measure. This means that Manchin would have to agree to the proposal, as would Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona.