Community searches for beloved care home cat who went missing in Buffalo, Minn.

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Shadow is missing from a nursing home in Buffalo, Minnesota.

The Shadow cat is very popular at a care center in Buffalo. He is not only the center’s mascot, but also supports the residents and their families.

Now community members are desperately looking for him as he was missing almost two weeks ago.

Community searches for beloved foster home cat that went missing in Buffalo, Minnesota

Community members are searching for a loved one of the foster home cat that has gone missing in Buffalo, Minnesota.

“Everyone wants to know where they are. Everyone who walks in the door asks whether any shade has been found,” says Nicole Mull, who organized the search.

Shadow has been a constant companion for more than a decade. The 16-year-old cat first came to Lake Ridge Senior Health and Living as a resident’s pet. When that resident died, Shadow stayed.

Nicole Mull, who used to work at the facility, said Shadow was a source of joy for many.

“He greets everyone who walks in the door … and just caressing him for a few moments just relaxes you and relieves that tension,” she said.

Mull said she vividly remembered a young woman whom Shadow rarely let go of when her father died in the hospice.

“He was wrapped in a blanket and she had Shadow in the blanket. Her tears just rolled down her face and fell on the shadow, and he didn’t care. He was there for her comfort, ”she said.

On September 9th, Shadow hatched from Lake Ridge. They believe he may have been chasing stray cats he saw outside. Since then, Nicole has made the constant effort to find him – she combed the neighborhoods, combed the parks, and posts his pictures.

“We searched so much … hours and hours. We got calls at 4am because they thought they saw Shadow, ”said Mull.

Now they fear the worst but still hope that maybe someone has taken him in.

“He brought so much comfort to my grandfather, he brought so much comfort to my grandmother. He brought comfort to me … and my children while we were all there. “