Colorado Springs family shares cat adventures on social media

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – Every weekend at the Red Rock Canyon Open Space you will find bikers, hikers, wildlife and of course man’s best friend.

But for a Colorado Springs family, a man’s best friend – or, in this case, a woman’s best friend – is a house cat. That cat Pluto, to be precise.

It started as a favor for Satya Wimbish’s sister: helping a cat find a new, more suitable home.

“He should go to a shelter because he was a wild kid,” said Wimbish. “When I brought him home it was very late at night, so we didn’t end up going to the shelter.”

Instead, it fitted right into Wimbish’s house. And she soon realized that Pluto really loved nature.

Satya Wimbish

“I started taking him outside because he just wanted out of the house,” said Wimbish.

It started with small steps, like the balcony of the apartment and nearby parks. Eventually he began hiking adventures with her and the children Eva and Flourish.

“It’s our family time together,” said Wimbish. “It’s something we all love. We all love being outside.”

Family adventures have taken them across the state, from exploring the Red Rock Canyon Open Space or the Garden of the Gods right in their backyard, to surfing the Great Sand Dunes National Park, to kayaking in Twin Lakes.

this cat pluto camping.jpeg

Satya Wimbish

The family and their red car are hard to miss, especially with their unexpected black and white furry friend in tow, and it’s usually a surprise to anyone they encounter along the way.

“They say, ‘Oh, the kids,’ and then Pluto will stick his head out of the car when he’s not really outside, they say, ‘Is that a cat? Is that a cat It’s not a cat. ‘ So there is a lot of disbelief that there really is a cat, ”said Wimbish.

But it’s more than just fun family adventures, especially during a global pandemic – it’s a chance to experience the great outdoors, recharge your batteries, and make lifelong memories.

“I’m just saying mental and emotional health like we’ve all been through a lot,” said Wimbish. “I try to make sure that they all have a good quality of life and I do my best with each of them to enjoy it to the fullest.”

this cat pluto can't dance.jpeg

Satya Wimbish

Wimbish has been documenting their fun for two years on their social media page That Cat Pluto. Your shared posts on Discover Colorado | Your photos are always a hit.

Wimbish is even in the process of making a children’s book. She posted a poll for her page followers to vote on where the story will take place, and St. Elmo was the winner. Wimbish is in the process of creating a storyboard and the kids will be able to do some acting while she takes photos that will be turned into graphics.

And the adventures are far from over. The family has a list of places to explore, like Royal Gorge and Buena Vista for family friendly rafting, and the whole family is all about making it possible. If they haven’t hiked for too long, Eva, Flourish, and Pluto all show that they’re ready to go out and explore.

“They’re standing at the door together like they’re trapped and never been outside,” Wimbish said with a laugh. I’m glad we did just because we knew how happy they were. ”