Coleman Dog Owner Arrested For January Dog Attack

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COLEMAN, TX — Following a January dog ​​attack in which a Coleman woman suffered bites to her head area a suspect was arrested and charged with attack by dog ​​on Friday.

According to the Coleman Police Department after hearing evidence, a case was presented to the Coleman County Grand Jury on Wednesday. Upon completion of the investigation into the dog attack on January 17, 2022, the Grand Jury returned an indictment against Cassandra Horn of Coleman for a violation of Health and Safety Code 822.005(a)(1) – Attack by Dog. Attack by Dog, as found in the Health and Safety Code, is charged when the owner of a dog is negligent and fails to secure a dog and it results in the dog attacking a person and causing serious bodily injury. The dog attack must occur somewhere other than the dog owner’s place of residence or vehicle.

This indictment against Horn is a Third-Degree Felony. 29-year-old Cassandra Horn was released from the Coleman County Jail on Saturday morning on $7,000 bond.

Meanwhile, according to a Facebook post from the Coleman Police Department, the victim of the attack, 53-year-old Reiko Ogurta-Dogget is doing much better.

On the day of the attack, Ogurta-Dogget was initially transported to the Coleman Hospital and later transferred to an Abilene area hospital.