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Clearfield, PA – Clearfield Borough Police responded to a situation with a loose dog attacking another. The dog’s owner fell and injured herself while chasing her pet, so EMS helped too.

Police also responded in a separate incident regarding a stolen backpack, but the caller later informed police that he no longer needed them.


Read the Clearfield Borough Police reports dated July 23, 2021:

Police responded to a report that a dog ran out of one apartment and attacked another. The dog’s owner tried to run after the dog, but fell and was injured. The dog was brought back to the apartment and a rescue team came and treated the owner.

Police officers helped Clearfield CYS enter an apartment on E Market St.

Clearfield Borough Police received a report regarding a PFA violation. The caller stated that she had received an email from the defendant. Pending fees.

The police responded to an automatic fire alarm activated in St. Francis Church. The police and fire brigade arrived and found a false alarm.

Police officers called N 3rd St over a property dispute. The caller stated that someone had taken his backpack and did not want to give it back. The police came and met with the caller who said he no longer needed the police.

The police reacted in the hospital area to a mentally ill person who had left the emergency room. The police arrived and took the person back to the hospital.

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