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Clearfield, PA – Clearfield Borough Police were recently engaged in some mental health exams, smoke from a garage, a daughter who allegedly assaulted a man and destroyed his home, and sadly a dog that was killed by neglect.

Police assisted dog rights officers in an incident at a Daisy St. Dog Law residence and discovered that a resident had killed his dog through neglect. The remaining animals in the house were removed from the residence.
The police received a report in which a motorist hit a parked vehicle.
Police responded to an incident on E Pine Street in which one person hit another person in the head. The police found the person concerned on N 3rd St.. The police are investigating the incident.
While on patrol, police observed a vehicle that drove irregularly on Nichols St. The police intercepted the vehicle and were able to initiate a traffic obstruction. The driver was found to be under the influence of a controlled substance. As a result, several pieces of drug paraphernalia were found.
While on patrol, police observed thick black smoke coming from a residential garage on E Market St. Firefighters arrived on site and put out the flames.
Police responded to an incident on Pritts Ave. Police located the victim walking on Bridge Street. As a result, the suspect was taken to the emergency room for a mental health assessment.
The police received a report from a local company with bad checks. The police are investigating.
Police received a report of harassment at an address on Williams Street. It was reported that a well-known person knocked on the residence and started yelling and threatening the residents. The police are investigating.
Police responded to a report of an attack on S 4th St. It was reported that the caller’s adult daughter attacked him and destroyed the home. Upon arrival of the police, the suspect became agitated and attacked local officials. The suspect was arrested and taken to Clearfield County Jail.
Police responded to a report from two people arguing over N 3rd St. The police arrived and located the parties involved. One of the people was in a mental crisis and was taken to the hospital.