Christopher Kassotis, Ph.D., joins Division of Pharmacology – Faculty of Medication Information

Christopher Kassotis, Ph.D., has joined the Department of Pharmacology at Wayne State University School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor.

Dr. Kassotis’ research focuses on the identification and characterization of endocrine disrupting chemicals and mixtures and their potential effects on human and animal health, with a particular focus on metabolic health.

Christopher Kassotis, Ph.D.

He is currently researching common ethoxylated surfactants (used in many household detergents and hard surface cleaners) for their potential metabolic health effects. various environmental mixtures (household dust, silicone bracelets, unconventional oil and gas / fracking fluids and sewage) for their potential role in disrupting health and for better understanding complex environmental mixtures through mechanistic, analytical, computational and statistical approaches.

He received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Keene State College in 2008 and his PhD in biology (endocrinology) from the University of Missouri in 2015. From 2015 to 2020 he was a postdoctoral fellow in environmental toxicology at Duke University.

Dr. Kassotis, an elected councilor of the Michigan Chapter of the Society of Toxicology, was an ad hoc grant reviewer for the Harvard Environmental Health Pilot Program and topic editor for a special edition of Chemical Mixtures and Toxics.

He is the lead researcher for a number of National Institutes of Health-funded studies and is widely used.

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