‘Chonky’ Cat Sits Like a Human in Baby Bouncer After Claiming Toy As His Own

Anyone who owns a cat will likely agree that it can make pretty weird roommates.

Whether they’re settling in between your full shopping bags or staring out the window like a lost philosopher, these hilarious moggies always have something up to date.

But one TikTok creator’s ginger cat has reached new heights by sitting in a baby bouncer.

In the video that Misti C shared for the app, the pet can be seen climbing into the colorful seat, which is attached to an arched frame with springs.

Text above the video, which went viral with more than 5.6 million views, reads, “He’s usually more graceful, but yeah, he’s stuck in the baby toy.”

What makes the clip seen here even more impressive is the fact that the animal the owner calls a “chunky guy” even pokes one of its furry legs and tail through the holes babies would traditionally go by.

The cat, called Kermit, also has a calm, satisfied look when sitting in the toy.

Misti has subtitled the adorable footage and writes: “#catsoftiktok #cats #crazycatlady #spoiledcats.”

Since its release on September 26, the clip has received more than 1.1 million likes and nearly 6,500 comments.

In another video of the cat climbing into the toy, the pet owner clarifies, “There’s no baby in my house, my youngest grandson has outgrown the bouncer and Kermit claimed it was his and he uses it every day.”

Lots of people also rushed to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video.

One TikTok user, Michele Lee, wrote, “Toys are for babies. Cat is baby. According to the transitional property, it is a toy for cats. It’s math. “

Another person, Monica Kuchle, added, “Why do cats do this? Mine stay away from my son’s things for the most part, but the sister’s cat loves his car seat when I’m over there.”

Tricia Souza revealed: “I love that! My cat Leo stands on the vacuum cleaner, in his stroller and a box so the dog can pull him around.”

Sunkacher2 commented from the animal’s point of view and wrote: “I am the baby! I! I am the baby! Take the other one back where you have it!”

Wildflower suggested, “The next time they see a cat in an even more bizarre situation, everyone should remember and say, ‘You’re taking that cat there,’ because no, curious cats can get into all sorts of weird situations. “

Katlyn Stefan joked, “TikTok just asked me if this video was useful. Of course I said yes.”

But why do cats like to squeeze themselves into tight spaces? Well, animal health site Petplace.com states, “If it’s small and has at least three sides, your cat will likely climb in and get comfortable.

“It’s not hard to imagine why cats like to be locked in. They feel comfortable and protected in smaller, defined locations.

“Cats have a natural need for warmth and protection; their ubiquitous instincts tell them to watch out for any dangers that might sneak their way up while they are dozing.”

An archive image of a cat and a baby. On TikTok, a cat was filmed climbing into a baby bouncer, which he does every day.

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