Check Out The Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Dogs & Dog Parents In 2021!

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(Image source: AleksandarNakic / Getty Images)

The holiday season is just around the corner, so of course we think about the gifts we get for friends and family. This of course also includes our four-legged family members!

DogTime has lots of gift ideas for the dogs and dog parents in your life. Regardless of whether you are looking for hosiery or just want to stock up on the bare essentials, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are our top 10 Christmas gifts for 2021!

  • Beast & Buckle Harness

    Beast & Buckle Harness

    (Image credit: Amanda)

    The dishes offered by Beast & Buckle are some of the cutest and most fashionable we have ever seen! Fortunately, they’re just as tough as they are adorable.

    As if this brand wasn’t great enough, Beast & Buckle donates five percent of its sales to charities. Additionally, they have provided over $ 30,000 worth of harnesses, leashes, and other equipment to rescue organizations in just two years since their inception, for a combined total of over $ 50,000 in donations.

    You can check out the full review of these durable, great-looking harnesses from DogTime here. When you’re ready to pick one up, you can Buy Beast & Buckle harnesses here!

  • Designer pet portraits

    Designer pet portraits

    (Photo credit:

    Do you want to turn your pet into a work of art?

    The team at Designer Pet Portraits will turn your pet photos into masterpieces of art. Made from high-quality, museum-quality materials, these hand-drawn pet portraits are a must have for any dog ​​lover looking to capture a memory that will last forever.

    Plus, they even make bespoke phone cases for pets!

    You can Get your individual pet portrait here!

  • Pet Crafts 'Hide And Seek Plush' dog toy

    Pet Crafts ‘Hide And Seek Plush’ dog toy

    (Photo credit: Pet Craft via Amazon / Melissa)

    The Hide and Seek plush toys from Pet Craft are available in different versions. But the main design of the toys is that they all come with a larger toy that holds the remaining smaller toys that fit in or “hide”.

    The toys also crunch and squeak so your dog will try to get the toys out of his pocket. If the toy is too simple, putting a treat in it would also be a fun game for your pet.

    You can check out the full review of these great toys from DogTime here, or Buy the ‘Hide And Seek Plush’ dog toys from Pet Craft here!

  • The PetFusion Soothing Cuddly Dog Bed

    The PetFusion Soothing Cuddly Dog Bed

    (Image credit: Amanda)

    Petfusion’s Calming Cuddler Dog Bed actually encourages your dog to do the digging movements before lying down! It’s perfect for the doggie digger in your life.

    The top of the bed is made with an excess of plush fabric that allows your dog to dig and root to their heart’s content.

    The soft fabric also hugs your dog nicely and turns him into a comfortable cuddly toy. The higher, padded sides are a wonderful built-in pillow option for your dog to rest their head on.

    You can check out the full review of DogTime here, or Buy the Calming Cuddler Dog Bed from PetFusion here on Amazon!

  • The eufy Petcare drinking fountain

    The eufy Petcare drinking fountain

    (Image credit: Maggie Clancy)

    The eufy Petcare drinking fountain is a great investment for pet parents looking to keep their dogs hydrated, and even cats. It’s perfect for households with multiple pets.

    The 5-stage filter system filters out fungi such as ringworm, which can quickly escalate in a household with several animals sharing a bowl of water!

    Try this water fountain when your pets are picky about their regular bowl, when you want to give your pets cleaner water, or when you want to cut down on water bowl refills and cleaning for your pets.

    You can read the full review of this water fountain from DogTime here, or you you can buy the eufy Petcare water fountain here on Amazon!

  • The 'DogiPack accessory belt'

    The ‘DogiPack accessory belt’

    (Image credit: Amanda)

    Never has a pet parent felt more like Batman than with this awesome accessory belt! The Dogipack Accessory Belt is every dog ​​owner’s dream come true, with five perfectly sized compartments for:

    • Your phone
    • A cup holder
    • An included collapsible bowl
    • Including waste bag (with dispenser hole)
    • Various little things (cash, ID, goodies, etc.)
    • The three pockets close with Velcro fasteners, the mobile phone holder closes with a strap with a snap fastener and the cup holder is open at the top to hold drinks of any size, whether it is a water bottle, coffee cup, or whatever you drink.

    It also has a built-in clip that you can attach your keys to. You can attach the collapsible bowl to it, which has its own hook to free up the middle compartment for even more storage space.

    Check out or purchase the full DogTime Accessory Belt review here Dogipack accessory belt on Amazon here!

  • Pet Parent Belly Bands & Doggy Diapers

    Pet Parent Belly Bands & Doggy Diapers

    (Image credit: Julia)

    Some dogs have trouble holding onto it. Disposable diapers and other solutions will keep you buying new products forever, but the belly bands and dog diapers offered by Pet Parents are easy on your wallet and the environment while your pooch stays comfortable!

    These belly bands are high quality. If you have a male dog who has had accidents, the belly bands will surely help save your floor, and the dog diapers will do the same for your bitches.

    Here is a list of dogs who could benefit from pet parent bellybands and dog diapers:

    • Seniors who have more accidents
    • Dogs with medical problems that cause incontinence
    • Dogs that are still house trained
    • Dogs that have had nervous or anxious accidents
    • Puppies who like to tag when they move to a new place

    You can check out the full review of DogTime here, or Buy Pet Parents Belly Bands here and Dog diapers here!

  • Dog Talking Buttons from FluentPet

    Dog Talking Buttons from FluentPet

    (Photo credit: posted courtesy Alexis Devine)

    Do you ever wish your dog could talk to you? Well, with a little training and some FluentPet dog talking buttons, you can!

    You may have seen these buttons from Bunny the Talking Dog who went viral on social media. Bunny is able to “talk” to her mother, Alexis, using these word buttons. She steps on the buttons that play words to let us humans know what she wants to say.

    Your dog may not have mastered all of the complex thoughts Bunny has. But they can certainly tell you with buttons when they want to go out, when they want something tasty, or when they don’t feel that good with a little exercise.

    Check out DogTime’s full interview with Bunny and Alexis here, or Buy your FluentPet Dog Talking Buttons here!

  • PetFusion Hybrid foldable dog stairs

    PetFusion Hybrid foldable dog stairs

    (Image credit: Amanda)

    Dog stairs help pets get on and off couches, beds, and furniture more slowly than they do when jumping. Some pets suffer from arthritis, weakness, injury, or just old age, and the sudden impact from jumping furniture can put a lot of stress on their joints.

    Unfortunately, stairs often take up a lot of space for dogs. Enter the PetFusion Hybrid Foldaway Dog Stairs! This dog staircase has a small footprint when compacted and doubles as an ottoman or end table.

    Another very cool feature is that when it is expanded it doubles as storage! The product comes with a very sturdy, collapsible, structured storage bag that stows in the empty compartment that would otherwise take up the stairs.

    You can check out the full review of DogTime here, or Buy the PetFusion Hybrid Foldaway dog ​​stairs here on Amazon!

  • Dietary Supplements from Petlab Co.

    Dietary Supplements from Petlab Co.

    (Image credit: Amanda)

    Just like humans, dogs can benefit from additional supplements to boost their immunity, strength, flexibility, and other health factors. Petlab Co.’s Senior Vitality Chews and Joint Care Chews keep your dog’s joints healthy and moving comfortably.

    Not only that, the supplements are delicious for pooches! The Senior Vitality Chews are full of nutrients to keep your senior healthy, including Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, and Biotin, which help with brain function and muscle control.

    The Joint Care Chews are also filled with vital nutritional supplements like glucosamine, green lipped mussel, and salmon oil, all of which keep joints healthy and relieve pain.

    You can read the full review of DogTime here. Buy the Petlab Co. Senior Vitaly Chews here, or Buy the Joint Care Chews here!

What gifts are you planning this Christmas season for the dogs or dog parents in your life? Are there any other great gifts we should look out for in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!