Check out our AVMA convention coverage, plus more veterinary news

Good morning dvm360® readers! We hope you had a cool and relaxing weekend. Did you know that dvm360® will be at the AVMA Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week? Make sure you check in through the end of this week and this weekend for our convention coverage!

While we are preparing for the AVMA convention, here is what you can find this week on

  • In a recent article from Julia Miller, she encourages readers to diagnose an English Bulldog, plus tips on how to treat the disease and management options. Be sure to read to the bottom of the article to find the quiz answer!
  • Gryphon-Backed Heartland Veterinary Partners has announced the acquisition of Family Vet Group with locations in Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.
  • On this week’s episodes of the Vet Blast Podcast, Christopher Shapley, DVM, introduces a virtual integrative medicine platform while Kelly Cairns, DVM, DACVIM, MS, joins later in the week to discuss excellence in your profession and life.
  • In his latest installation of The Dilemma, Marc Rosenberg, VMD, takes readers into a scenario to open a discussion of what is important to veterinary professionals now and how it can help to attract and secure new staff.
  • A recent study conducted by Washington State University showed how horse owners administer analgesia medication once they receive a prescription from their veterinarians.
  • And more!

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