Centre to allow research on Ayush medicines to curb COVID-19 outbreak, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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Photo credit / Medicaldialog.inNew Delhi: State and Union Territories (UTs) Licensing / Drug Controllers have been notified to allow licensed manufacturers of AYUSH-64 under their jurisdiction to reuse AYUSH-64 as an intervention to treat asymptomatic, mild to Moderate COVID-19 in addition to the existing indications, informed Mahendrabhai Munjapara, Minister of State of Ayush, in a written response to the requested information about Ayush medical research in Rajya Sabha.

To reduce the impact of COVID-19, the Ayush Ministry has formed an interdisciplinary AYUSH Research & Development Task Force chaired by Prof. Bhushan Patwardhan with representatives of scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) and Ayush Institutions.

Meanwhile, the study carried out by the Ministry of Ayush in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) (CSIR & DBT), the Ministry of Science and Technology and renowned scientific organizations and hospitals It has been established that AYUSH drugs are useful for asymptomatic, mild and moderate COVID-19 infections alone and as a supplement to standard treatment.

In addition, the interdisciplinary AYUSH Research and Development Task Force (RDTF) has elaborated and designed clinical research protocols for prophylactic studies and additional interventions in COVID-19 positive cases through a thorough review and consultation process of highly respected experts from various organizations around the country examine four different interventions, namely Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu, Guduchi + Pippali and a poly-herbal formulation (AYUSH-64).

The US / UT regulatory agencies have been notified to allow licensed manufacturers of AYUSH-64 under their jurisdiction in addition to the existing indication

To improve the medical condition, the Ayush Ministry has also started interdisciplinary studies of AYUSH interventions for COVID-19 based on recommendations from the task force. 126 research studies on AYUSH interventions have been initiated at 152 centers in the country under various research organizations and national institutes under the Ayush Ministry.