Celebrities Who Don’t Mind Sharing the Spotlight with Cats

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This time around, we’re looking at celebrities who don’t mind sharing the spotlight with cats.

Imagine if you were a celebrity on the set of a movie playing with a furry co-star. There is an old axiom in showbiz: “Never work with animals or children”. Why? You’re stealing the show, of course. This famous funny advice is attributed to the iconic American actor-comedian Toilet fields.

However, working with animals often becomes one of the best parts of filming for a celebrity animal lover. So much so that they decide to live with their animal co-stars for a lifetime.

Celebrities who love cats: David Dastmalchian

Recently we shared the actor’s story David Dastmalchian, the one special cat on the Panama set the shooting The suicide squad. Dastmalchian had a chance encounter with a cat while building the confidence to act in his greatest scene to date.

Thanks to the help of the film team and some “generous animal lovers”, the actor was able to bring the cat home. Called Abner Bubblegum, the polka dot cat, she made quite a debut on Instagram. There she appeared in her very own, specially designed Polka Dot Cat costume and wowed everyone.

As WC Fields knew, animals and children steal the show. Now Dastmalchian also has a picture of the Polka dot child, his son Arlo. There is a lot of space in the polka dot spotlight.

Polka Dot Kid, David Dastmalchian’s son Arlo via Instagram

David Dastmalchian and Polka Dot Cat via Instagram

Celebrities who love cats: Tiffany Haddish and Catonic

Celebrity Tiffany Haddish worked with seven kittens while filming the action comedy “Keanu”. In the film, the kittens took turns playing Keanu, the kitten. In the movie, Keanu is an adorable kitten that is caught. Two cousins ​​then have to infiltrate a street gang to get Keanu back, and a comedic rescue ensues

In real life, Haddish rescued one of the kittens from the set and named her Catonic. Today the cat shares a home with a Maltese / Yorkie named Sleeper and a pit bull named Dreamer.

“I feel like they’re always trying to figure out how to make me happy. Sometimes I’m so busy that I don’t have time to date or cuddle up or something and I could fall asleep on the couch and I wake up and both of you and the cat are like everyone on my body. “Haddish told PERSONS.

On Instagram, Haddish shared a picture of Catonic on her computer keyboard.

“Catonic didn’t want me to cash my checks today, she wasn’t a mom, just chilling out,” read the caption.

Tiffany Haddish and Catonic

Tiffany Haddish and Catonic

Katanian via Instagram

Below is a preview of Keanu from Cineworld cinemas:

Betty White’s lifelong love for furry friends

When referring to a celebrity who loves animals, few compare to the icon Betty White. She is a lifelong advocate for furry friends, cats, dogs, and all animals.

“I love animals since I was in the womb” White once said.

In fact, she once said an orange tabby named Toby walked on the edge of her cot as a baby. Her parents were both very fond of animals.

“My mom used to tell me that if Toby doesn’t agree, I have to go back,” White joked parade.

In 1971 she produced and hosted the Pet set, a celebrity pet show. It remains one of her Favorite shows after a career spanning more than 70 years that dates back to 1949. Since then she is help improve life for cats, dogs and all types of endangered animals.

At the beginning of this year it was completely restored “Betty White’s Pet Set” came to DVD and streaming services. On the show, you’ll see celebrities like Carol Burnett, Della Reese, Michael Landon, Mary Tyler Moore, Vincent Price, and James Brolin talking about their love for animals.

Downstairs, White and Peter Marshall are enjoying a cat talk. (Picture above Youtube)

Betty White and Peter Marshall

Betty White and Peter Marshall in the Pet Set, picture via YouTube

Last year Betty White, 99, lived her life in isolation due to the pandemic. However, she still shares her home with a bevy of animals and enjoys daily visits from the local wildlife.

“The animal community watches over them. The virus is afraid of Betty! ”Said her representative.

Video of AND Canada under:

The sound of a cat purring

When it comes to cats, White has a special place in her heart for cats. Especially her once said “A cat’s purr is the most comforting thing in the world.”

On a PBS episode of Newton’s Apple, Betty White discussed the science of how cats purr with vibrating muscles in their larynx.

Check out the video below:

White recommended cats for older people with busy lifestyles, calling them “brilliant interlocutors”.

“They’re perfect for people who are busy and don’t have time to walk the dog,” said White. Cats are also “brilliant interlocutors and offer wonderful company”.

In addition to their camaraderie, White believes cats are good for health and especially the elderly.

“You really are a small health engine; They make you feel better no matter what you do. I think the more we can spread the word about what cats are wonderful pets, especially those living alone or the elderly, the more cats we can adopt. You know, cats make you think of something other than yourself, which is terribly important, ”White said in a Interview 2010.

Betty White and Cat

Betty White, screenshot aboveYouTube / Wall Street Journal

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