Cedar Rapids Man Arrested After Throwing Dog During Argument

Here we go again. Another case of cruelty to animals.

A man was arrested after throwing his dog, which he shares with his girlfriend, during a brawl, according to a press release from the Cedar Rapids Police Department. On Wednesday June 30th, Cedar Rapids police responded to a call to the Shamrock Condominiums in southwest Cedar Rapids. Upon arrival, police met 21-year-old Michael Constant, who told them he “had lost his temper with his girlfriend and threw her five-pound Yorkshire Terrier against a wall or door in the hallway of their apartment unit”. Constant also told officials that he thought the dog was “seriously injured or died” because it did not move after it was thrown.

The officers went to the apartment to check on the dog and to speak to Constant’s friend. The 6-year-old terrier named Princess was luckily still alive and lying on the bed, although she was still struggling to stand. He was also disoriented and possibly suffered from neck pain. After being seen by a veterinarian, the dog actually had a buildup of fluid in the brain that caused swelling and a “slipped or bulged disc”.

Cedar Rapids police arrested Constant on Tuesday, July 6, for animal abuse. Animal Care & Control officials have arrested Princess and the puppy is recovering at the shelter.

I hate seeing cases of animal abuse. Earlier this month, a man was arrested in Cedar Rapids after footage emerged of multiple violent abuse of his girlfriend’s dog. At least in these cases arrests are made.

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In order to prepare for a possible incident, always have your veterinarian’s phone number ready, along with an out-of-hours office to call in an emergency. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also has a hotline that you can call (888) 426-4435 for advice.

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