CDC honors veterinarian for public health defense

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention honored a veterinarian for his work in preventing disease outbreaks and responding when they occurred.

Dr. Jesse Bonwitt

Dr. Jesse Bonwitt, veterinary epidemiologist in the CDC’s Poxvirus and Rabies Division of Highly Consistent Pathogens and Pathobiology, received the 2021 James H. Steele Veterinary Public Health Award. A CDC statement said that Dr. Bonwitt was honored for outstanding national and international contributions to public veterinary health and One Health.

This work includes the prevention, control and response to zoonoses such as rabies, psittacosis and the Seoul virus. Dr. Bonwitt also contributed to the epidemiology of zoonotic diseases and showed versatility in applying research methods to the prevention and control of zoonotic agents, the announcement said.

The annual award continues to honor Dr. Steele, first head of the CDC’s Veterinary Public Health Division, first veterinarian for the US Public Health Service, and a leader who helped develop the discipline of public veterinary health.