CBD Cat Treats: It is greater than only a deal with!

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Cats are great pets; This is why many choose to get one. Although all pets have incredibly cute factors, cats have distinguished characters that have made them a well-suggested pet to compete with dogs. It’s very subjective, but we leave it up to you to decide. Here’s what to check when choosing between a dog or a cat:

Cats Vs. Dogs

In the wild, dogs have packs; In their nature they hunt as a group and are led by their “alpha”. The domesticated carry this nature by being social, and they usually consider the people who care for them their “alpha” because they feed them and guide them (through training).

On the other hand, cats are solitary and usually nocturnal hunters (except for lions). They can jump and climb, which makes them effective hunters, and it even helps them escape their predators easily and faster. Unlike dogs, they don’t have to hunt in groups. They are territorial and independent.

Because of their independence, they can handle being left alone compared to a dog. Don’t forget that not all are the same; Some breeds are also afraid if left alone, exceptionally friendlier (Continue reading).

Additionally, we can say that cats have an advantage when it comes to managing their poop. Dogs, if not trained, poop everywhere. While cats only poop in their litter box – even without teaching them. They do it by instinct alone.

One more thing to consider: a cat can live longer than a dog. So if you’re looking for a long-time companion, a cat is an excellent choice for a pet.

Ways to take care of your cats

Let’s say you want to have a pet cat. Here are some tips on how to take care of them:


For a cat’s eye and heart health, choose foods that contain taurine. Avoid foods that contain garlic or onion powder. While these are of course not found in foods made specifically for them, keep this in mind when trying to feed your cat baby food when it is uncomfortable to the touch.

Also avoid feeding your cat chocolates, caffeine, alcohol, citrus fruits, avocado, grapes / raisins, nuts, milk / dairy products, undercooked meats, yeast dough, and salty foods. These foods mentioned can cause harm to your pet, such as: B. skin and coat problems, diarrhea or upset stomach, kidney failure, pancreatitis and even poisoning which can lead to death.

We also cannot avoid giving treats to our cats, especially when they are playing or exercising and when they are doing well. Don’t forget that treats shouldn’t exceed 5-10% of their diet. Choose healthy products and such Treats cats love. One example is CBD cat treats, which are not just regular treats but can also serve as medicines or supplements. Below are the details you should know about these cannabidiol goodies:

CBD treats are infused with cannabidiol, a component of an active cannabis plant. In particular, CBD came from hemp plants. Cannabidiol has many health benefits for your cat, including:

  • It’s full of nutrients that are beneficial for cats.

  • There are CBD treats that are natural, which means that no artificial ingredients are consumed.

  • It’s a decent pain reliever. So if your cat is in pain (even if you haven’t noticed it), you may be able to get relief without knowing it.

  • It helps with anxiety. Your cats experience loneliness at times. Giving them CBD can help improve their mood and make them feel happy.

  • CBD could also help with other diseases such as neurological disorders, etc.


Always remember that cats want their own space. Make sure you provide them with comfortable beds and areas to stay in. Changing furniture, including your cat’s place, will make them anxious. They prefer something permanent.

Also, cats only poop in their litter box, make sure you provide one for them, and it should be good enough for them to be comfortable. By good we mean something clean and smelling good. Cats don’t like messy things. Therefore, always remember to clean the litter box. The same goes for their bed linen; Make sure you clean it regularly.


As mentioned above, cats don’t like messy things, which means they are clean animals so frequent bathing is unnecessary. However, you may need to brush the fur as this will help keep the fur clean and reduce dandruff (link: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/cat-care/general-cat-care).