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When someone brings a new cat home, many decisions have to be made. What kind of rubbish am I going to use? Should my litter box have a top or not? How can my kitten use laser and stick dangling toys? Should I feed canned or dry food? And how can I prevent them from scratching my furniture?

In the latter case, stealing is often the solution. However, stealing it has several serious negative consequences.

While it is a quick, easy, and safe procedure, stealing is a very serious operation that can affect a cat’s quality of life.

Cats rely on their claws for many reasons. The most important one is for defense. Even if the family kitten is an indoor pet, accidents do happen, and if a scratched cat gets outdoors, it has no way of defending itself from a predator or climbing a tree or fence to escape danger.

In addition, the claws are tools of balance and without them the cat will have to shift its weight and relearn how to walk on the exposed bone that will be left after the claws are removed. Cats also extend their claws for full body stretch. Scratched cats are more prone to muscle pain and arthritis from the inability to achieve a good, full stretch.

After all, scratching is a source of exercise and stress reliever for cats. Cats have a tendency to scratch when they are anxious or frustrated. Without claws, they have no way of relieving stress.

Not only is stealing painful to a cat, but it can also cause negative behaviors and permanent physical harm. Scratched cats can avoid using the litter box as they rely on their claws to maneuver the litter box.

Some scratched cats may begin to bite and use their teeth as a defense mechanism. If the bleeding operation is not done properly, bone fragments can be left behind and cause pain to a cat. After all, permanent nerve damage can be due to the stealing.

What is the alternative to stealing?

Scratching is a normal and vital part of a cat’s life.

SCRATCHING POSTS: There are several scratching posts on the market that cats can use to repair their daily scratching posts.

NAIL CAPS: Nail covers and caps can be placed over the nails to prevent scratching and are safe and painless for the cat.

NAIL TRIMMING: Clipping your nails once or twice a month is a great way to make scratching less harmful. If you’re not ready to try, the veterinarian or groomer can do the job for you. My aunt regularly has her cat’s nails clipped by her groomer.

The decision to decrypt should not be taken lightly. Do some research and get the facts. This is a procedure that can potentially have negative long-term effects on a cat’s disposition, health, and wellbeing. There are options that will save the furniture and the claws!


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