Cats vs. Canine: The Final Showdown!

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Cats too stubborn and arrogant? Dogs too messy and loud? State your case!

Do you want to start an argument? Announce your cat or dog preference in a crowd. So it’s been like this since dogs, cats, and humans merged. Those with dogs and cats in the Roanoke Valley are no exception. Here’s what some of them have to say.

Dr. Matt Parker, a holistic functional veterinarian at Roanoke Animal Acupuncture, is cautious when comparing cat lovers to dog lovers. “People who prefer one kind over the other have strong opinions, and highlighting their differences in print is almost like discussing the differences between those of opposing politics. There’s a meme or poster or saying somewhere that says, “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” In general, dogs love to please their humans, and cats just want to be left alone and have someone clean their toilet. “

Dorothy Owsley was in the market for neither a cat nor a dog, but had both. First, her son brought a border collie, Brooklyn, so that she could stay the night. That was two years ago. Brooklyn is still there. Then the collie heard strange noises on the porch night after night and finally encouraged Owsley to investigate. She found a very young, tiny, wild kitten that has “terrorized everything” since then. And of course she fell in love with the kitten and insists that “the dog adopted Nyla”. Brooklyn, she says, “has strong maternal instincts.”

Says journalist Luanne Rife, “A dog could break the surf if you step out of the kitchen and have the decency to hide its crime or behave guilty. But a cat jumps right up there, tries to take over the food preparation and serves itself first or turns up its nose in disgust. Who needs such a comment on their food choices? As if someone who spends hours looking after their private life should be so righteous. And don’t get me started with hairballs. “

Former Kiwanis President Jenny Lee has a small cat that was adopted by Angels of Assisi. Your relationship is a little strange. “Three years ago, Tippi [who weighs about four-and-a-half pounds] took down my 11-foot milled fir and smashed most of my late mother’s precious antique ornaments. In 2020, she tripped over me in the middle of the night and took me to the hospital for five nights with three broken ribs and one partially collapsed lung. “

John Michael Saunders Junior has little sense for cats: “I hate their dander; My allergies are racing over a cliff. I hate the smell of their litter boxes and the whole concept of a litter box. I hate the ease with which even the most domesticated cat can become violent. Most of all, I hate their demands while being totally dependent. “

Roanoke-based author Roland Lazenby is concise in his disdain for dogs: “Farts”.

Legal aid attorney Elizabeth Barbour almost apologizes for her dislike of cats. “I don’t want to turn down cats, but I have one that ages and pees on my hardwood floors. She peed on the bed once. “

Frank House’s complaint is similar: “I once had a cat that started peeing on our bed. Goodbye. Since then, I’ve had a few other cats who were incredibly aloof and demanding. The Egyptians knew something. “

Fred Sachs, retired HR director at Medical Facilities of America, said, “As a kid, cat dander gave me terrible breathlessness attacks. In 1970 I spent several hours with a Siamese named Hamlet. I was up all night and couldn’t breathe. The next morning I went to the doctor and he asked me if anyone had ever mentioned this asthma. I said expectantly, “Not yet.” He has. Hello 4-F! Goodbye Vietnam! Thanks Hamlet! I hate cats, but Hamlet saved my bum. “

Says author Karen Chase, “Having a cat is one of the best ways for me to find humility. Every time I think high of myself I throw up or empty the litter box, and every day I’m reminded that I’m not the one in this house who comfortably naps for 21 hours. “

Real estate agent Kathy Bibb has three cats. “I’m just one cat away from being a crazy cat lady. Cats are smarter than dogs, cleaner than dogs, take up less space, and don’t have to walk. Dogs are hyperactive and cats lower their blood pressure. Dogs are like children to me. I like other people’s children, just never wanted my own. “

The writer Dan Radmacher is this rare breed: a man who prefers cats. “The stereotype of cats is aloof and loveless, but my cats have been more lap cats with loud purring over the years, and there’s nothing more comforting than reading a book with a purring cat on your lap … or having a warm one Cat curls up on the head or behind the knees at night. “

Catherine Koebel Stromberg insists that we “let all cats ring, I love birds!” Additionally, there is plenty of evidence that dogs can improve the health of microbiomes in a home. Children who grow up with dogs are less likely to have overreactive immune systems such as allergies and asthma. But as an overwhelmed mother, I guiltily deny my children these canine health benefits. “

Retired Roanoke County elementary school teacher Paula Kopera has two dogs. “In my opinion, dogs are more loving and friendlier. My dogs could always read my mood. I can just lie on top of Lucy when I’m sad. She knows when my car is coming down the hill and waits for me to fearfully drive into the garage. “

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