Cats rescued from illegal kitten farm find their ‘fur-ever’ homes in Coventry and Nuneaton

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THREE cats rescued from an empty lot that used to be an illegal kitten farm are now in their eternal homes and getting the attention and love they deserve.

Two year old tabby and white cats Minden and Ivy were relocated to Toyah Howick and her mother Lisa in Nuneaton.

Arlo has been relocated to Lloyd and Simone Clements in Coventry, and the cats are now celebrating their two year anniversary in their new home after being rescued as kittens.

RSPCA inspector Louise Marston rescued her in April 2019 from an empty property in Coventry that was home to 18 kittens, many of whom were seriously ill or too young to be separated from their mother.

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Insp. Marston said: “These kittens were found alone in a house and many were far too young to be separated from their mother and were also at risk from the spread of feline parvovirus through contact with contaminated feces.

“Anyone looking for a new kitten should take the time to make sure it has been responsibly bred to avoid health, behavioral, and heartache later on.

“This is why the kitten checklist is so important as it outlines the questions the public must ask themselves to ensure they are buying from a reputable breeder.”

The kitten checklist includes seeing the kitten with its mother at the place of birth, which is now required under the third party sales ban, asking the kitten’s age and whether the mother and kitten are all healthy.

There is also information about the most common signs of the disease, how the kitten is behaving and how comfortable it is with people, all of which can indicate whether it has come from a conscientious breeder.

Alice Potter, the RSPCA’s cat protection expert, said, “Every year the RSPCA examines thousands of reports of poorly bred puppies, sickly kittens, and gangs who breed and sell sick animals to sell to unsuspecting members of the public from practicing to a halt.

“We continue to provide potential owners with the educational tools they need to ensure they are not being ‘fished’ and instead buy a happy and healthy kitten using the kitten checklist.”

Visit: for more information on the kitten checklist.