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This week’s list is a real treat for cat lovers. No matter what you’re looking for in a cat lover, there is something for everyone! While they’re all adorable, we put the spotlight on cute Samantha, an older cat who recently lost her lifelong companion of 14 years. Please read Samantha’s story and how you can help these amazing animals find their home forever!

Available for adoption at the Smithtown City Animal Shelter


Buddy is a 7 year old Domestic Shorthair who sadly had to leave his old home after the death of his owner. He is extremely sociable, affectionate and adventurous! Buddy loves wandering around and exploring, and he loves making new friends too! Buddy has spent time with children as young as 3 years old and got on well with them. He’s always been the only pet in the house, but with a little time he can probably adapt to new furry siblings.

There are currently a variety of male and female cats and kittens available for adoption or foster care. If you’re looking for a fun, thread-throwing love ball, head to the Kitten Nursery or Cat Condos at the Smithtown Animal Shelter and find a PURR-fect soul mate or two!

If you’d like to meet Buddy or the rest of the Kitty Clan please call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption by Alleykatz

Check out these super cute cats – all of them are ready to go home with you today!


Gizmo is a 12 week old black and white tuxedo who gets along well with other cats and children.


Jill is a calm, independent, and friendly young lady who is also good with cats, dogs, and children.


Maggie and Molly are gorgeous tabbies that both make perfect family pets. Both are good with cats, dogs, and children.


Timothy is a white and tiger striped guy who is described as gentle, loving, kind, and playful – what more could you want? Timothy is also good with cats, dogs, and children.

For more information on how to bring home one of these adorable adopted children, please contact Alleykatz at

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

** North Shore Animal League America waives adoption fees for approved adoptees for all cats six months and older through September.


When 2-year-old Meru (adoption # D48071) was in the custody of the NSALA last year, she was unsure of her new surroundings. An obvious distrust of people led the staff to believe that they had never been cared for by a loving hand before they arrived. Spending time in the quietest place of the NSALA, surrounded by devoted people, soon brought out the whims trapped in this funny young beauty. Now Meru craves attention and playtime from her favorite human friends. Meru isn’t crazy about cat friends, so she looks for a home where she can feel free in the safety of experienced hands. She will thrive in a dedicated, predictable family with children ages 16+ who make her feel safe and loved.


The days of one year old Angola (adoption # BF3619) of having to fend for herself outside are now over as she is safely tucked away in a comfortable bed in a very quiet place. The NSALA is looking for someone who will enable them to live a peaceful life and all the time it takes to learn to trust people again. A feline experienced home with older children will give this wonderful lady a good start in her new life. As shy as she may appear with her human friends, she is perfectly comfortable around cats. Angola is not looking for an exciting life; She dreams of a peaceful place where she can be lazy while a caring family gently reassures her that she is safe and at home.

Princess Peach and Rosalina

** Double adoption ** The twins Princess Peach (adoption # H211028) and Rosalina (adoption # H211031) have already been saved – on site! The hero they are waiting for now is another family they discover and take to their very first home. Shy at first glance, these adorable five-month-old kittens are easy to win over with a little small talk and treats. Once you have made that connection, they offer their full hearts in the most loving way possible. If you were hoping for a suitable tabby set for your family, then your search with Princess Peach and Rosalina is over! The North Shore Animal League America likes to say that when you adopt you save two lives: the animal you take home and the animal you helped make room for more rescues. Double kitten adoption will save four lives!

Luzon and Moorea

** Double adoption ** The five month old Luzon (adoption # H211035) and Moorea (adoption # H211036) were rescued from the very frightening nature, but now enjoy a guaranteed safe life in the house. You will find these bonded siblings wrapped around each other for reassurance, but a seasoned person will know how to draw their fear out and provide them with tender moments of gentle ear rubbing that they will enjoy while settling in the safety of their first home . A predictable environment with children ages 8 and up will help them learn the patterns of their new life. Luzon is already fascinated by toys – his first! Moorea bravely sprints across the room to discover her new world.


Four year old Sophie (adoption # H211064) has exited her past troubles with enthusiasm and is eager to put her best paws towards the bright, happy future that NSALA has planned for her. This lively survivor was a model veterinarian who surgically corrected an eye disease (entropion), relieving her of any ailments she had previously experienced. It is left with an abundance of gratitude and not to anyone who received it – yet. After everything she’s been through, Sophie would appreciate the rest of her life in a quiet home, and making her extremely happy will be high on your to-do list from now on.

Sonic and Tails

** Double Adoption ** The only thing better than a mini house panther is a pair to match! Sonic (Adoption # WV0908) and Tails (Adoption # WV0909) are 6 month old brothers just waiting to discover everything in the four walls of your loving home. These connected siblings are open to meeting new people in the hope that their long journey from West Virginia will bring them into the loving arms of a wonderful family.


Seven (adoption # R165392) is heaven! When a good Samaritan rescued Seven on a wintry day last year, the NSALA had hoped he would be safe in a loving home. Unfortunately, he lost this home to move, but he will always be safe with his Animal League America family until a permanent family joins them. His past left him with FIV +, but nothing stops this sturdy three-year-old survivor from rubbing his chin against his adorable soul skin. Everyone knows Seven is a lucky number and they look forward to meeting the lucky people who are committed to spending all the days of their life with an abundance of love and chin rubbing!


** Senior Alert ** When cute 14 year old Samantha (adoption # D44734) lost her lifelong companion, she lost her home too. The NSALA welcomed this lovely lady with open arms and rewarded her with her full confidence that she can again look forward to a bright future in a peaceful home. Veterinarians have developed a plan to treat her hyperthyroidism and she will receive this treatment at cost through the NSALA Pet Health Centers. They want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of Samantha being re-esteemed for her devoted heroic family.

Contact to learn more about adopting the adorable NSALA adoptive items!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop … pass on!

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