Cats’ Advice on Maintaining Our Mental Balance

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As a mediator you can sometimes feel isolated, after all, confidentiality comes first, there is no room to share your concerns. In addition, there is often a negative atmosphere, as differences of opinion are rarely positive.

Where can all this lead? In the long term we feel unfocused, bottomless, empty or discouraged. And then we can say that our mental health is shaken.

Is this necessarily the case? Is that really the end of this job? Is there a way to prevent it? Let’s look at the cats! Why cats? Because they are quite individualistic in their profession like mediators, but they always seem balanced. What’s your secret?

Waking up in the morning always starts with stretching exercises. Then there may be a little more care, so dress your suitable outfit, adjust your hairstyle and correct your make-up. Have you ever seen a cat who was not happy with how it looked? If we have already touched the outside, we also turn to the inner values. I bet you won’t find a cat that isn’t happy with its intrinsic values!

Now that we have the first five minutes of a cat’s morning routine behind us, when we have determined that we are internally and externally well, we do a little morning exercise and can move on to the most important topic of the day: eating. The owner has to hand over the food at the usual time, there is no escape! The daily routine cannot be broken, her instinct works like the most punctual clock. If the cat is free and can look around the neighborhood, it will appear at every neighbor at the same time and play with the hungry, loving fluff ball. They can starve to death if we don’t give them the highest quality feed they ask for.

After strenuous activities, always make sure you get enough rest and sleep! It goes without saying that the cleanest, cosiest corners of the apartment are selected for this, they have their own meditative places in the apartment. If the cat has the opportunity to go into the garden, it will of course choose its most beautiful flower, lie contentedly on it, immerse itself in the present moment, enjoy the sunlight, smell the air, listen to the noises and get to know the To connect nature. How do you like your beautiful flower There is no question about it, you are happy because your cute cat is having a wonderful rest!

Is there an example of being ready to give up everyday life? Of course, if special prey is in sight! But then they are persistent, all nerves are tense and they are only focused on the goal. You can sit under a tree for 24 hours if, for example, a mouse is hiding on top of it. What if the mission fails? Nothing, time to relax! Don’t panic, the next time will be better.

Even though they are terribly independent, the moment comes when they want company! What do you do? Nothing complicated. They just reach out to the people they care about and simply express their emotions and needs. When you’re feeling lonely just do it like these fur balls, it’s that simple and it works!

No day can go by without fun and excitement: beetle hunt, meditation in front of the window, favorite plush boxes, the list varies from person to person. You are always open to learn something new! If there is a button on the toy that dispenses food, it only takes a second to learn and use. A new item has arrived, go on a discovery tour! Life surrounds us with all curiosity, let’s stay open, a little childish or kitschy curious!

If you say no to unfocused, down-to-earth, empty or discouraged, then try everyday cat life: exercise, pay attention to your appearance, be satisfied with your inner values, eat regularly and seasonally, rest and sleep, have your own meditative places, reconnect with nature, express your feelings and needs, have fun, explore, learn new things, be full of curiosity!

Don’t mind learning from cats, avoid developing mental health problems, even if it is much more complicated, as it is a combination of factors including genetic and environmental reasons.