Catoctin Veterinary Clinic goes photo voltaic

April 7 – The Catoctin Veterinary Clinic, a full-service small animal practice in Thurmont, recently powered more than 80 solar panels, according to representatives from Paradise Energy Solutions, a family company that installed the modules.

The clinic looks after a wide variety of animals, including dogs, cats, and rabbits.

“We are concerned about the environment and the carbon footprint we are making from our business,” said Dr. Jonathan Bramson, co-owner of the clinic, in a prepared statement. “It’s about taking care of pets, our pet parents, our community and the environment.

A total of 89 panels were installed by Paradise Energy Solutions. That number of panels can offset 35 tons of carbon dioxide, save more than 800 trees a year, and cut energy costs for the clinic, according to a press release.

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