Catit debuts insect-based cat meals, deal with formulation

MANSFIELD, MASS. – Catit, a brand of the Hagen Group, presented cat food and treats based on insects at the Global Pet Expo Digital Access in March. These new alternative protein products offer a complete and balanced diet and treatment options with a reduced carbon “paw print”.

Both the complete and balanced cat diet and cat treats are formulated with Hermetia Illucens larvae or Black Soldier Fly larvae. The insects are raised sustainably in North America and Europe in a clean process. The final cat food and treat products are then made in Canada.

Catits Nuna complete and balanced cat food is available in two formulas: insect protein and chicken recipe and insect protein and herring recipe. Both offer up to 92% sustainable protein and are highly digestible.

Chicken ingredients are raised in veterinarian-approved facilities without antibiotics or hormones, and herring ingredients are sustainably sourced and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

The diets are also fortified with taurine for heart and muscle health, omega-6 and 3 fatty acids for inflammatory effects and skin and coat health, fiber for digestion, and gluten-free grains and legumes.

Catit’s insect protein-based cat treatments share similar ingredient attributes and are available in three formulas: Insect Protein Medley Recipe, Insect Protein and Chicken Recipe, and Insect Protein and Herring Recipe.

These treats contain up to 97% sustainable protein and are also formulated with Hermetia Illucens larvae and gluten-free ingredients.

According to the company, using powdered insect protein as the main protein source in cat food offers environmental benefits, including less food waste and fewer natural resources. Almost 0% of all insects are considered “inedible” for consumption, compared to 45% of chickens and 60% of beef.

In addition, insect protein production uses significantly less land and water than cattle and chicken production and emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than other traditional protein sources for animal feed.

The cat food and treat products are packaged in recyclable LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) bags.

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