Caterpillar debuts new water truck

The Cat 777G Water Solutions truck provides a solution to both surface and subsea problems, the company said. Photo: caterpillar

Caterpillar unveiled the new Cat 777G Water Solutions truck, designed to help drivers control road dust.

The truck, which is based on the Cat 777G truck platform, integrates truck, tank and water supply systems connected with technology. It should help to solve surface and underwater problems and at the same time to operate sustainably, says the company.

The Cat Water Delivery System (WDS) combined with Cat MineStar Edge connectivity helps operations manage sites more safely and productively with scalable technology tiers, says Cat, and offers both basic and premium options to meet site needs .

The Cat 777G comes standard with an integrated 20,000 gallon water tank that has a spray system, splash guard, feed chute and stone ejector. According to Cat, the truck’s engine uses up to 13 percent less fuel than in full load mode. In addition, the water cannon works when the engine is idling, which further cuts fuel consumption by up to 50 percent, adds Cat.

Additional details

The Cat WDS is designed to conserve water while providing variable water flow based on truck speed and determining the appropriate flow to reduce the risk of accidents due to poor visibility. The variable displacement pump starts and stops automatically when the truck slows down or comes to a standstill, thus preventing overwatering and the resulting poor traction at road junctions.

In addition, according to Cat, it has a soft start and automatically shuts off when the tank is empty to prevent damage to the system from the pump running dry. WDS components include a water cannon, oil cooler, variable displacement pump, hydraulic oil tank, electronic control boxes, and hydraulic motor / water pump.

The automated water supply reduces the health hazards from particles in the air and helps the driver to concentrate better on driving. Remote control of the tank with automatic shutdown to prevent overfilling allows the driver to stay in the cab while refilling, which can reduce potential driver slips and falls.

The cloud-based MineStar Edge is integrated into the Cat WDS and collects and communicates machine data so that site managers can monitor the fleet according to the company. The system can provide a range of data, including real-time and historical reports, truck location and utilization, fuel and water levels, amount of water distributed, area covered, and settling rate.

Retrofit kits are available for existing Cat 777G truck platforms in the field, the company said.

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