Cat within the Hat again the place he sat | Communities

The beloved hat cat and books he sat on under the Brentwood City Christmas Tree in the John P. Holt Library, which were stolen on Saturday, have been returned.

At the Brentwood City Commission meeting Monday night, City Manager Kirk Bednar announced that the city had a cat burglar and handed it over to Assistant City Manager Jay Evans, who poetically proclaimed the cat was back.

“We received a call from someone who indicated he was feeling bad and submitted to the mercy of the court,” Evans said there would be no consequence. “

After posts on social media and news outlets met outrage from the community, an unidentified person spoke up and said they would return the stolen property.

“Thanks to everyone who helped share the news that Brentwood’s beloved Cat in the Hat decor was missing from the library. The people who stole it did the right thing and brought it back tonight, ”said Commissioner Anne Dunn.

There are currently no fees pending.

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