Cat who spent decade on the run in Loch Lomond lastly settles down in endlessly house

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An adventurous cat who wandered the shores of Loch Lomond for 12 years after disappearing on a family vacation has finally found her at home forever.

George went missing in October 2008 when she took a break at a campsite with her owners who were forced to return to Rochdale, Greater Manchester without them.

The brave tomcat regularly visited Queen Elizabeth Forest Park campsite, where she was looked after by staff, and regularly strolled into RVs for food and comfort.

George is now enjoying her retirement in Glasgow with her new owner

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When the website had to close during the initial Covid-19 lockdown, 16-year-old Moggy was rescued by Cats Protection, who was able to track down her old owner, Amy Davies.

But a change in her personal circumstances meant Amy couldn’t get Georgie back and had to make the difficult decision to allow her adoption.

Georgie had a list of health problems including thyroid and dental problems that needed treatment, as well as arthritis.

But the cat has now found a loving home with cat lover Margaret Petrie, 55, who was looking for a new cat companion who had lost her previous pet, cheddar.

One Margaret’s mother said, “When I saw Georige they said she was looking for a retirement home and I thought it would be a good fit. I was afraid that given her age, people would not want to take her back.”

Georgie now enjoys the company of pet hen Ruby

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“She’s had a tough life and is no longer interested in being outside. I think she’s fed up with it now.”

High school English teacher Margaret lives at home in Glasgow with four-year-old giant rabbit Rupert and four-year-old hen Ruby.

She said, “When my cat Cheddar died, I really missed the company and my rabbit was quite depressed and missed him too.

“Georgie injured her back in the wild and it had to heal itself so you couldn’t pick her up, but she loves having her head petted and her ears scratched.

“She’s very friendly and relaxed, but can be persistent as she’s used to taking care of herself. She was a bit scared of the rabbit at first, but now they’re fine and their company has him cheered up.

“It’s much better now that she’s found a home than being in the wild. When I got her, she was only about 2.8 kg, but she has a small belly now and a lot over 4 kg.”

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Previous owner Amy said she was broken when she lost Georgie, who was then only three years old.

Amy said: “We were heartbroken when Georgie didn’t come back on our last day in Loch Lomond.

“It was such a nice surprise to hear that not only was she fine, but apparently she had a great time meeting Camper.

“My instinct was to jump in the car and pick up Georgie right away, but we now have another nine year old cat. It’s really sad that we won’t be reunited after all this time, but I have to do the best for Georgie.”

Andy Currie, Manager of the Glasgow Adoption Center, said: “We are delighted that Georgie has found a home where she can lead a quiet, stress-free life after so many years of stray.

“We wish you all the best for the future.”