Cat welfares welcome generous sponsorship through #BravectoCares campaign

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It’s been a year of donations for Bravecto, which has already sponsored 27,000 spot-on animal welfare treatments across the country as part of its #BravectoCares national campaign.

But the generosity doesn’t stop there as MSD Animal Health is committed to donating thousands of doses of Bravecto Spot-On for Cats nationwide to cat-centered welfare. The first lucky recipient of 1,200 units of Bravecto is Hartie’s Feral Cat Rescue.

The organization works 100 percent on a voluntary basis with the aim of catching feral cats, neutering them and bringing them back. They currently look after more than 800 cats in 37 colonies and neuter more than 1,300 cats.

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NPO founder Joanne Kontaxopoulos-Rabe said: “Ticks, fleas and mites are a big problem for every cat, but especially for a free-roaming cat. Having such a wonderful sponsorship from Bravecto will bring great relief to these endangered animals during the harsh summer months – a luxury they normally cannot afford. We congratulate Bravecto on this brave step and show #ferallove! We are incredibly humble that you have decided to give something back to animals that have to live in the ruff through no fault of their own. ”

The next beneficiary in the first line of sponsorships is the Cat Family Foundation with bonus sponsorships to Feeding the Furballs and CO-SANC.

The communities nominated and voted for cat protection organizations via the Facebook page “Bravecto South Africa” with the hashtag #BravectoCares.

The finalists were announced on Facebook, and backers then voted on the winner through comments on the post.