Cat practically freezes to demise, Grand Rapids clinic monitoring well being

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GRAND RAPIDS, me. – This cold weather can be brutal to humans and its effects on animals can be observed in minutes.

On Sunday, a woman found a cat that was almost frozen on its tire and he almost died until a Grand Rapids shelter came to help.

At the Clyde Park Veterinary Clinin in Wyoming, a little dude named Finian is recovering from a sweater.

He only arrived at the clinic a few days ago. The workers gave him a warm bath, removed the crust from his amputated tail, and made him feel at home.

“It’s like having a baby again,” says Dr. Jennifer Gillum, “and has only gradually improved since then.”

But his journey to this point has not been easy. In fact, Dr. Gillum, he might not make it through the night.

“It was probably one of the worst cases we’ve had,” says Dr. Gillum.

Someone found Finian almost frozen to death next to a car in Cedar Springs. Someone on Facebook contacted Dr. He and Gillum were taken to Crash’s Landing, a non-profit, no-kill cat placement center.

“And he didn’t move; He was wrapped in a blanket in a box, “says Dr. Gillum.” I couldn’t get his body temperature registered and our thermometers go to 90 degrees. “

Finian was dehydrated and his nose was covered in pus. His left eye is pushed back so far that it doesn’t work, and his right eye has been taped shut.

Dr. Gillum believes he’s been a stray all his life. She wasn’t sure he would make it through the night.

“I thought, ‘You know what? Even if he doesn’t make it, he will at least have one night where he is warm, comfortable, and loved. “

The pictures she posted on Facebook are heartbreaking. People all over the world shared the post. Complete strangers prayed for the little guy.

“The fact that it’s so widespread, that its story touched so many people so quickly … it’s amazing.”

Dr. Gillum isn’t sure how old he is, but judging by his teeth he’s a senior. All he did was sleep and eat and follow her.

Your little warrior has been a miracle so far.

“Everyone we’ve spoken to and everyone who has seen their story – and my husband and I were just amazed that he miraculously recovered.”

There have been dozens of people interested in adopting Finian, but right now, Dr. Gillum not sure if he’ll ever be healthy enough for it. Recovery can take months.

If you want to donate something, Crash’s Landing can always use your help. You can find them on

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