Cat Now Offering Whole-Machine Telematics Solution

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Caterpillar now offers a telematics solution that helps OEMs enable machine owners and operators to view critical data output in real time and take advantage of the operation of their equipment. Customers using this technology can independently locate, track and manage all of their connected assets. The solution can be integrated with existing telematics regardless of brand and any Cat engine regardless of machine manufacturer.

The engine-ready solution can help create a picture of the health of a machine by capturing all machine data and displaying the results on an easy-to-read online dashboard.

“Cat-powered device operators have been using Cat telematics technology for years,” said Tom Nankervis, strategy manager, Connected Services. “But until now it has always been offered as an aftermarket solution. Regardless of whether a machine manufacturer uses its own telematics solution or wants to introduce a new one, our factory telematics solution offers OEMs and their customers access to meaningful information about their machine operation and other parameters.

We want everyone who uses our solution to be able to take the right action to improve efficiency, extend engine life and reduce operating costs. “

Tracking equipment

Users can track equipment location, uptime, fuel usage and maintenance alerts in an online dashboard. They can also customize what data they want to see and schedule reports to share with teams.

“It’s like having access to and understanding of the insides of machines and even entire fleets,” said Senior Digital Manager Jamaal Crayton. “Users can see in real time whether connected assets are underperforming. You can also compare uptime between machines to help fleet owners understand which machines are critical to their operations or which complement them. And services can be scaled as needed, so customers can choose the features they want to use. “

Minimizing downtime

Equipped with remote service capabilities, the solution can help minimize downtime through remote troubleshooting, which can run diagnostic tests and locate potential problems while the machine is running. When a repair is required, an OEM or dealer technician is notified and can correctly complete the repair in a single visit.

“The remote functions are ideal for night shifts like one of our customers in Canada. They operate their machines in the middle of the night and are able to carry out repairs by analyzing the data provided by our connectivity solution and performing software updates at appropriate times, for example when a shift is over or a machine is ready for the day, “Said Nankervis.

With the service, users have:

  • Access to critical data
  • Can retrofit existing equipment
  • A cloud-based platform that scales with you
  • A customizable user interface and notification system
  • Service levels for specific requirements