Cat lover to make 200th visit to south’s first cat cafe in Dorset

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A 64-year-old man celebrates his love for cats with his 200th visit to the first cat café in the south.

Alan Daglish will visit the Pause Cat Cafe in Bournemouth – a rescue home for eleven cats.

The cats were looked after by volunteers day and night during the lockdown

Alan is such a huge fan of space that he is known for walking all the way from Poole to have a cup of tea with the cats.

His favorite cat is Petrus, who every now and then climbs on Alan’s shoulders to cuddle. When asked why he liked the experience so much, Alan said, “I like to see Peter and they make good tea.”

Petrus is Alan’s favorite cat and he has been visiting him since the cafe opened in 2017

The café was first opened in February 2017 and is particularly committed to people with disabilities, learning difficulties and people with mental health problems.

It had to be closed during lockdown to comply with Covid restrictions, but the cats were looked after by volunteers day and night.

It was heartwarming to see her so happy and playing all day when we opened again.

Jaya Da Costa, owner

The cafe decided to open up to regulars and volunteers the cats were familiar with beforehand to help the animals adapt to the change.

The cat café opened in 2017

200 visits

for Alan Daglish

Cats are known to be fun and keep company, but many older people are unable to have their own pets.

The concept of a cat café is popular in Far Eastern countries – the idea is that spending some time with cats will make it easier to forget the stresses of urban life.

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