Cat Locked Out Of Bathroom Seeks Revenge On His Owner In Hilarious Video ::

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The old adage “laughter is the best medicine” definitely has its roots in truth.

The Mayo Clinic says laughter boosts mood, boosts the immune system, relieves pain, and reduces tension. Today, a lot of us go online looking for content that will tickle our funny bones, be it memes, silly clips, or satirical news. While social media can be a double-edged sword that negatively impacts mental health, there is one main reason why it is so hard to push platforms like Facebook and Instagram out of our lives: cat videos. It turns out that cat videos don’t even have to show an entire cat to be hilarious!


Back in March, a TikToker named Maddie (@m_clayclay) went viral with a video that didn’t even show her black and white cat in full. Instead, users only saw one leg. She added a text overlay to the video that said, “Theo gets really upset if I don’t bring him into the bathroom.”

This is a cat who has risen to a higher level of pettiness with its form of vengeance. Listen:

@m_clayclayWait just lmao ## fyp ## catsoftiktok ## funnycat ## tuxedoâ ?? ¬ Cloud 9 – Beach Bunny

The clip, which is only a few seconds long, has more than 2.8 million views and more than 365,000 likes. And the comments are amusing too.

One viewer posted, “He said, ‘I’m moving out'” while @ lizchase46 said, “No carpet for you! My house, my rules!”

And Maria Elisa Busi said: “You didn’t take him with you … So he takes the toilet instead.”

Others regretted the original poster and found their cats doing the same.

Theo is definitely a personality. Here’s another video Maddie posted showing him other antics. He’s a sweet one, all right.

@m_clayclaywe is supposed to be and he knows it too. ## greenscreenvideo ## fyp ## cat ## soulmate ## engelâ ?? ¬ paravi the cover of cloud 9 by beach bunny – paravi

Cat videos go viral pretty regularly – and it’s easy to see why. Here’s one that went big in July with 16.5 million views thanks to the great expressiveness of the cat face at the end. It’s from Malen (@ malen.xy):

@ malen.xy ### cat ## dcâ ?? ¬ Original sound – painting

And here’s another one from Reddit that also features a cute kid along with a very patient kitten. The user u / unnaturalorder posted it on the r / WatchPeopleDieInside subreddit, where it has received 2.5 million views since it was uploaded about two weeks ago.

“Cat has made peace with its fate,” reads the caption, while a toddler treats the furry pet as his personal toy. What a patient kitten!

Here at Simplemost we love all cat videos and will definitely go out of our way to find the funniest ones. Are you the same

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