Cat Lacking For 13 Years Reunites With Proprietor!

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Losing a pet is absolutely heartbreaking. It’s scary to imagine where they might be and if you will ever see them again. You can spend weeks posting signs and scouring the city hoping someone will call with good news. However, over time, it becomes difficult not to fear the worst.

When Emma was 10 years old, she had a cat named Homer. Three days before her family moved from Alaska, Homer was missing and they couldn’t find him before they had to leave. In late March, thirteen years after Homer disappeared, Emma received a life-changing phone call. Homer was found and taken to the Kodiak Animal Shelter in Alaska!

@kodiakanimalshelterReunited after almost 13 years! No dry eye in the house !! @emmathealaskan ## Mikrochip ## Kodiak ## Loveyourpet ♬ original sound – Kodiak Animal Shelter 🐶🐱

Emma flew 5,000 miles to reunite with her beloved cat. After the emotional reunion that drew the attention of around 1.4 million TikTok users, Emma and Homer are on their way home. The connection between a person and their animal is like nothing else and we are so happy to know that these two have finally found each other again.

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