Cat in Greece Lost Three Legs, Gets New High-Tech Paws | health & science , science

LARISSA, Greece – A cat in Greece is living after a horrific injury to one of its nine lives, Inside Edition (IE) reported on July 18.

“Last year the cat Perseus was taken to a veterinary clinic in the city of Larissa,” reported IE, adding that “the poor homeless kitten had suffered a terrible injury: it had lost three of its legs. It was suspected that he was hit by a car or got into a car engine. “

To help the cat, the veterinarian Sofia Zoi and a team of designers and engineers have “developed a high-tech solution for Perseus,” reported IE Pfoten. “

Equipped with his new paws, Perseus was able to “face new adventures,” reported IE, adding the mythological origins of Perseus’ name: “Perseus was a hero who killed the monster Medusa. The constellation Perseus, which is supposed to represent this scene, is visible in the northern sky. “

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