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The new GC series is powered by the Cat C3.6 diesel engine with 120.7 hp (90.0 kW), which meets the strict emissions standards US EPA Tier IV Final / EU Stage V.

Caterpillar expands the vibratory soil compactor line for single drums with the introduction of the new 84-inch model. Cat GC series for ease of use, high reliability, and low hourly cost.

The new series offers a high static linear load and more weight on the drum for improved compaction and consists of the 10-ton CS10-GC, the 11-ton CS11-GC and the CP11-GC as well as the 12-ton CS12-GC and the CP12-GC. With Smooth (CS) and Padfoot (CP) drum models available for compaction of granular and contiguous soils, the new models provide reliable performance for road construction, site preparation, construction of large residential buildings, large soil backfills, and agricultural applications.

The new GC series is powered by the Cat C3.6 diesel engine with 120.7 hp (90.0 kW), which meets the strict emission standards US EPA Tier IV Final / EU Stage V. The standard Eco-Mode operation reduces the engine speed to 2,000 rpm in order to achieve fuel savings of up to 10 percent compared to operation at high idle. The engine’s long oil and filter change intervals help reduce service time and costs.

The easy-to-select speed control enables you to switch from working speed to driving speed at the push of a button. The single drive pump of the compressors with locking differential rear axle offers a climbing ability of up to 55 percent for the 10- and 11-ton models and up to 50 percent for the 12-ton models.

All compressors have a low overall height of 3 m (9.8 feet) and improved mounting positions for quick, inexpensive transportation that complies with market regulations.

Proven cat performance, flexibility

The new GC vibratory soil compactors feature Cat’s exclusive pod-style vibration system and offer a long maintenance interval of 3 years / 3,000 hours for reliable operation. These new models offer more weight on the drum than the B-series and offer high compaction performance. The double amplitude and frequency increase the versatility of the compaction of the new line and the operator can quickly switch from high to low amplitude with a single button.

Additional XT weight kits and padfoot shell kits for CS models with a smooth drum increase the flexibility of the machine. Weight sets for the CS10 GC and CS11 GC replace the front bumper and add weights under the yoke tube of the CS 11 GC to bring each model to the next weight class and expand the range of applications.

The same B-Series shell kit design converts GC-Series smooth drum compactors into a Padfoot drum roller, so these machines can compact both cohesive and granular soils efficiently.

Simple and convenient operation

Thanks to the simplified control and operation, even the most inexperienced operator can quickly learn to operate the GC compressor. Digital displays provide a quick overview of important operating data and can be adapted to the preferences of the operator. All main controls are located on the right console and are easily accessible. These include a drive lever with vibration control, engine throttle and eco-mode selection as well as emergency stop and parking brake. The standard auto-vibe starts / stops machine vibration automatically based on the position of the drive lever to prevent compaction when it is not moving.

The new GC series offers improved entry and exit of the operator platform with angled steps, non-slip entrance and conveniently arranged handrails. Ergonomically grouped controls ensure efficient operation, while an iso-mounted operator station with a rubber floor mat minimizes vibration feedback to reduce fatigue. The machine design offers better visibility around the compressor so that the operator can quickly see obstacles in the work area without straining himself. Internal and external mirrors provide additional visibility and the optional rear view camera extends the operator’s view of the rear of the machine so that the operator can see the work area quickly and without obstacles or stress.

Convenient service, technology

Reliable new Cat GC-Series soil compactors offer industry-leading maintenance intervals to reduce maintenance costs and keep machines up and running. Both the hydraulic oil and the eccentric housing oil have a change interval of 3,000 hours / 3 years, and the engine oil and the filter are changed after 500 hours. The joint and the battery are maintenance-free.

The compactor design provides easy access to the hydraulic oil tank, filter and the S ∙ O ∙ SSM oil extraction connections without lifting the hood.

All rollers come standard with Product Link Elite, which collects critical operational data, monitors machine health, and provides service reminders and error code alerts to improve fleet management. Numerous optional, scalable technologies are available for the new GC series, including the drive power of the machine, the value of the compaction meter, the assignment and communication from machine to machine.

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