Cat food made from silkworm pupae on sale in Taiwan | World

Sustainable cat food made from silkworm pupae is sold in Taiwan, which researchers say can improve a pet’s health – and can also reduce the foul odor in their litter boxes.

Lu Hsiu-ying of the Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Expansion Station, which developed the food, said silkworm pupae – the immature offspring of the silk moth – are a good source of protein, essential amino acids, and omega-3s.

The researchers found that by putting silkworm pupae under stress, they can also increase their production of immune system proteins that, when consumed by cats, kill harmful bacteria and improve cats’ intestinal health.

One of the residents of Mao Thai Thai Cat Cafe in New Taipei City, Taiwan


Enriched silkworm-based cat food has the additional benefit of reducing the cat’s own odor

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