Cat Fakes Limp for Sympathy in Viral Video [WATCH]

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Watch as a cat feigns a limp out of pity and then changes its “injured” paw in a viral TikTok video.

A video of a cat pretending to be limping to get compassion from its owner went viral on TikTok. The video of Edward pretending to be limping on a counter in front of Lauren, a 22-year-old Kentucky resident, received more than 10 million views on @hotclownwing.

The video shows how the mischievous cat quickly forgets to limp in order to stretch and attract attention, and switches to raise her other paw instead of the “injured” one. The funny video was posted on August 29, 2021. Edward and his owner now have 36,000+ fans on TikTok after the video caught social media attention in September 2021. Lauren titled the video: “He’s a drama queen 😭😭 #catsoftiktok #orangecat #dramaqueen.”

You can watch the video below:

Edward’s owner says the cat is fine and “just didn’t get attention all day!”

The video shows Edward sitting on a counter, his left paw raised in the air, with the words “See my cat pretending to limp and then switching paws” above him. When Lauren speaks to the cat and says, “Not that again, honey,” Edward hops on one leg for pets and attention.

Edward then sits down on both paws again and stretches. When he returns to get more attention, he suddenly lifts his other leg and lifts his left paw. While Lauren caresses Edward, the laughing owner says, “Oh my god! You just switched your paws. “

Edward’s owner Lauren said in the comments on the video that “he’s fine”, saying the 3-year-old cat had not been declawed and recently received a “clean health certificate from the vet.” Lauren told Edward, “I just didn’t get any attention all day !!”

On Reddit, commentators shared stories of pets using similar tricks. One Reddit user wrote, “My bitch used to do this because she limped once and my dad gave her a treat to make her feel better. She tried again a few weeks later, it worked and was booming. We have a dog who limps after treats. “

Another wrote: “My cat does that. He goes to the edge of my field of vision, takes a paw, then hobbles past me and as soon as he thinks that I can’t see him, he walks back to normal 😹”

Edward and his sister Franny were rescued from a waffle house

Lauren revealed in another TikTok video that Edward is one of two sibling cats owned by the youngest graduate from the University of Kentucky. Lauren featured both cats in a “cat tour” video. Franny, whose full name is Franny Butter, is gray with white spots and “chunky,” said Lauren. Edward, Franny’s biological brother, whose full name is Edward Pickles, is also “bulky”.

Lauren said Edward and Franny were found outside a waffle house together. Lauren often posts videos of the cats, including a recent video of Edward pulling plastic bags out of a kitchen cabinet. Lauren wrote in the caption, “He’d leave me for a plastic bag if he could.”

In another video, Lauren and Edward thanked their new fans. Lauren wrote in the caption of Edward’s video, “Thank you from the world’s most loving cat!”

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