Cat dies ‘defending’ younger kids from one in all Australia’s most harmful snakes

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SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (CTV News) – A family cat in Australia is heralded as a “four-legged hero” after dying fighting a venomous snake that got close to two young children.

The harrowing story of the shorthair cat named Arthur was told in a Facebook post by the Animal Emergency Service, which is providing urgent veterinary assistance in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

“Heroes come in all shapes and sizes,” the group said. “His family, understandably devastated, remembers him fondly and is forever grateful that he saved the children’s lives.”

The cat playfully followed two young children in the family backyard when they were approached by an eastern brown snake listed as one of the top ten venomous snakes in the country by Australian Geographic magazine. The point of sale also said the species are known for their aggressiveness and agility.

“Arthur protected his young family by killing the snake. “Unfortunately Arthur got a fatal snakebite in the process,” the group wrote in the Post.

The post said that no one had seen the actual bite when he took the kids out of the yard and only remarked that “Arthur collapsed and quickly recovered like nothing was wrong long after.”

In loving memory of Arthur, the four-legged hero. ♥ ️🐾🐈 Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! Arthur, a delightful …

Posted by Animal Emergency Service on Sunday Feb 14th, 2021
The animal emergency service explained that animals that collapse after a snake bite are common, but are not a known fact for pet owners. A snakebite from an eastern brown snake can lead to progressive paralysis and prevent blood clotting, which can lead to the collapse of victims.

The next morning, when the family found that Arthur had collapsed again and could not get up, they took him to a hospital in the rural town of Tanawha, 90 kilometers north of Brisbane.

“Unfortunately, Arthur’s symptoms were too severe to recover,” the group said. “With a heavy heart, its owners had to leave Arthur after he received his angelic wings.”

The employees of the animal emergency service were no stranger to Arthur and called him “our little hero”, who “always got into mischief”. He had visited us before before he had an accident and was very much loved by our team.

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