Cat brings her sick kittens to clinic for people in Turkey 

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One cat warmed hearts in western Izmir Province when, due to her maternal instincts and obvious knowledge of the health system, she took her sick kittens to a human clinic.

Staff at the clinic at a local community health department in the Karabağlar district of Izmir were surprised when the mother dragged one of her kittens into her office. She returned a day later with another kitten. Doctors and nurses found that both kittens had problems with their eyes due to an infection. After initial treatment, they were handed over to the community’s veterinary department, where they were treated and rescued. The stray kittens and their mother were later put up for adoption.

“We were familiar with this cat. She was a stray nearby and we gave her food and water. We didn’t know she would give birth to kittens, ”said a clinic official. The officer said that they noticed the animal while they were caring for the patients when she started “constantly meowing”. When they saw that something was wrong with kittens, they took a closer look and found that the kittens’ eyes were tightly closed. “We gave them some medication and they started opening their eyes and later we took them to the veterinary department. It was the first time an animal entered our clinic and it was a very emotional moment for us, ”said the officer. However, it is not the first time in Turkey that a species has an inkling of where to go when it is sick or looking for company.