Cat Almost Unrecognizable After Being ‘Frozen Alive’ in Snow, Makes Miraculous Recovery!

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Animals are more resilient than we give them credit for. Pets, especially cats, can appear fragile because pet owners tend to pamper them.

But these modern day cats are the product of millions of years of evolution that have made them surprisingly resilient and adaptable to their surroundings. A great example is this cat’s amazing survival story.

Back in January 2019, a cat named Fluffy from Kalispell, Montana, made headlines around the world. After being “frozen alive” in the snow, this cat recovered without permanent injury.

Cat “frozen alive” in snow

(Photo: Facebook via Kalispell Veterinary Clinic)

In January, the temperature in Montana was measured between -1 (30F) and -8 degrees (17F). During that time, they received about 16 inches of snow.

Fluffy’s pet owners got home early and found their cat “frozen alive” in the snowdrift outside their home on January 31st. When Fluffy was found, she was covered in snow from head to toe and was unrecognizable. The cat also stopped responding after being exposed to the extreme temperatures outside.

The pet owners, whose identity was unknown, took Fluffy to the nearest veterinary clinic. According to USA Today, Dr. Jevon Clark of the Kalispell Veterinary Clinic that it was almost impossible to tell if Fluffy was alive or dead because of the ice and snow that covered her entire body.

Upon closer inspection, Dr. Clark is relieved that Fluffy was still breathing weakly.

“You could tell it was a cat when it came in, but in reality it was just so wrapped in ice and snow that you couldn’t really tell it was alive until you looked at it and started listening to it and realizing it that she is still alive. Just absolutely frozen. “

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Fluffy was nursed back to health

Cat almost unrecognizable after being in the snow

(Photo: Facebook via Kalispell Veterinary Clinic)

When she was hospitalized, Fluffy’s temperature was below 90 degrees, which is much lower than a cat’s average temperature of 99.5-102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dr. Clark and his team immediately set about nursing Fluffy back to health. They spent two hours warming her to slowly raise her body temperature, as reported by Deseret News.

When that didn’t help, she was taken to the emergency room. They used towels, cage warmers, blow dryers, and even intravenous fluids to save Fluffy. One sign that she would eventually get through is when Fluffy acted “grumpy” towards the vet.

“She didn’t really react for about the first half hour, but then at least she started pretending she was still alive. She’s a bit grumpy, and that’s why we knew things were likely to be fine … than her started getting grumpy with us, “says Dr. Clark.


Cat almost unrecognizable after being in the snow

(Photo: Facebook via Kalispell Veterinary Clinic)

Eventually, Fluffy recovered with no permanent injury. She was released that night, and a week later her pet owners reported that she had returned to her usual self.

The owners also made it clear that Fluffy always lived outdoors. They suspect she sustained an injury that day, which resulted in her getting stuck in the snowdrift.

Also, to prevent this incident from happening in the future, the owners decided to leave Fluffy in their house at all times.

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